Sunday, 31 October 2010

Stargazer Florescent Eyeshadows and Liquid Eyeliner

Oh, hello! It looks like I've retreated from my busy life and have managed to get an update in. Which hopefully, there'll be a few of this next week, as it's half-term, thank goodness!

Now, first of all, what is really bugging me is the name of the eyeshadows. on Stargazer's site, they have it as Florescent Eyeshadows, but the grammar freak locked in me (incredibly influenced by my sister, just as some information) is going 'Hang on a minute...that's supposed to be fluorescent, isn't it?' which is making me want to write to Stargazer and say 'Sorry, don't mean to be rude, but you've spelt that wrong' with the same kind of embarassment I have when I point out to a teacher that they've spelt something wrong. I just can't take pleasure in pointing out their mistakes!

Ok, moving on from that little detail, I'm gonna review the eyeshadows that I got for my birthday last year, I think, and the eyeliner. Both retailling at £3.00, I'm very happy with the price as that eyeliner is used an awful lot.

So the shades I have are Forest Green, Rose Pink, Sea Blue and Orange. That just makes me feel sorry for orange. It's just plain orange whilst the others all have fancier names. And then the liquid eyeliner is Violet and BOY is the swatch on their site far off from the real thing. On the site it looks like blue with a hint of purple, but in reality it's basically completely purple with no blue whatsoever, which also makes it mislabelled a bit as my iPod's violet and that is most definitely a deep purple/blue. In fact I would describe this liner as more mauve than violet.

See what I mean? No hint of blue there.

Now these eyeshadows are all matte and also they're made specially for clubbing because apparantly they glow in UV lighting ( I wouldn't know that as my clubbing life is non-existant and has been my whole life)

(l-r rose pink, forest green, orange, sea blue and violet)

So swatches...these are over a primer (and not even UDPP at that! Just my cheap Manhatten primer) and they took a few swipes, but they are pretty pigmented. As you can see in my other pictures, the blue has cracked so you have to be careful handling these as they crack easily (mind you, so does Benefit) but otherwise they're very good value for money. The liner is good as well, takes a bit to dry, but in the end is quite good for an eyeliner, especially the colour, as it's nice to have a change from the average blacks and browns .

And here we have a blurry picture, but with flash as the natural light one ended up a bit bright.

I'll try and see if I can update again tomorrow, annoyingly ALL my teachers have given us homework, which I want to start with early so I don't do it all at the last minute xxx


  1. haha i always point out mistakes too! fab colours :) xx

  2. Haha always good to point mistakes out but by the way you have infact spelt 'Stargazer' and 'something' wrong yourself, look at your review and you will see. Best to sort your own spelling out before you write to them.

  3. @Chloe haha thanks xx
    @Anonymous thanks for pointing that out, corrected it now, although I'll just add that I was in a bit of a hurry to publish this post so excuse me if I'm just human and didn't check to make sure it was all word perfect. And also the thing about writing to them was a joke, just clearing that up for you in case you didn't get it...

  4. Those colours are amazing! The spelling freak in me will refrain from pointing out your mistake too, Anonymous :) as this is the Internet and not essay-marking or some other kind of important thing!x

  5. Dani, i think we can all gather this is the internet but if Nats has an issue with spelling,it seems hypocritical that her own spelling was wrong don't you think. I wouldn't have mentioned it otherwise but considering she was complaining about spelling it was ironic that she had made mistakes herself. Makes sense to me.

  6. Fair enough Anonymous, I can see your point; in fact I also found it quite funny that in your comment criticising Nat's spelling you yourself made a mistake too :)

  7. Thanks for the swatch :) these look very pigmented. great review. following you now.

    Hope you stop by and visit my blog too


  8. @anonymous i don't feel like continueing this into a big fight so i'll just I suppose you're right and I wasn't actually going to write, was just a small joke, I guess my humour's a little hard to understand
    @sara thank you! I love your blog, def. following :) xx