Sunday, 10 October 2010

Sephora Colorplay 5 in 1 Palette Dinner in Paris 1/5

I have decided I'm going to break this up in 5 parts as it would be very image heavy otherwise.

First of all, this is dedicated to Steph because she asked about this in a previous post of mine a couple of weeks ago and I promised I'd put up a review pronto as I already had the pictures, but I never got round to it, so here it finally is. I also took new pictures cause the old ones weren't incredible and I've been trying to improve my photography thanks to Makeup Savvy's amazing guide.

SO, the elusive Sephora Colorplay palette that I've talked about a few times. Now I bought this because if you had a Sephora Black card, you would get it for €29.95 instead of €39.95 and I had to snap it up.

The packaging is quite pretty, sort of thick and obviously not possible to carry around in your bag, but it has a travel case so you can pop one of the five smaller palettes into it and take in your bag, which is sort of the point of the whole palette.

Now in the palette you have 5 blushes, 10 lipglosses and a whopping 50 eyeshadows! So I guess that could justify the price a little, but then again it depends on the quality of everything.

I'm gonna review this with each little palette individually from left to right, starting with the black/greys called Dinner in Paris.

Obviously this palette is meant for the classic smokey eye and red lip that everybody loves. You have some glittery blacks, mattes, highlights and I believe there might even be a taupe colour? I'm not sure if it is as I'm not the best at telling colours apart.

Here's a close up of the eyeshadows and the glosses/blush, respectively.

Now for the swatches...

So here we have the eyeshadows swatched (over UDPP of course). In terms of pigmentation they're not bad, the shimmery ones are better than the mattes, which were a little more troublesome to swatch, but I believe all mattes are like that. There are a few glittery colours, which I'm not mad on but that means there's something for everyone.

As for the lipglosses, the red isn't as bold as I hoped, I've tried building it up but that didn't work very well. The see through gloss has a bit of glitter in it, again, I'm not keen on glitter on lips, so I might boycott that one a little. The blush is matte and WOW you have to be light handed with this! Be very careful in applying it because one stroke could have you redder than you wanted.

So that's 1/5, next up is Coffee in New York!

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