Tuesday, 27 July 2010

On holiday tomorrow

Unfortunately, one day after starting my blog, I have to abandon it temporarily as I'm going to England to visit my grandparents for a week. But when I get back I will most likely have some new goodies so expect more blogging after the 4th! Bye bye for now :)

Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow Palette

Just a heads up, this is the first of three Urban Decay items that I'm going to review, the others being the Book of Shadows II and UDPP in Eden (which I'll include with BoS) .

Colourful, isn't it? Well, as with all the other Urban Decay products that I've tried, these are excellent quality and are decently pigmented.

Urgh, excuse the black mark next to Zero, I'm a little messy.

(l-r: fishnet, honey, ransom, graffiti, zero, peace, shag, scratch and underground)

From what you can see, this palette is BRIGHT. Full of gorgeous colours such as fishnet, ransom, graffiti, etc.., it's great if you're in love with colours but want to experiment before buying every colour known to man. I know my arm looks really weird, but I must have taken the picture at a peculiar angle, as I keep on starting with swatches too close to my wrist so some of them go on my hand as well, haha.

So basically, this palette is great, not much fallout if you're careful enough and the consistensy of these is great.

I did my make up with a few colours when I swatched this, so here's a picture of that, just try to ignore the unruly brow, I'm still trying to sort them out before attempting with a brow liner. I once tried with dark brown matte eyeshadow and basically I looked a bit like a transvestite. Which, I mean, is a great look for them, but not what a 16 yeard old aspires to have.

sorry bout the shadow, I'm still trying to find the right lighting. Anyway, I used shag *me being childish always giggles at this*, scratch and underground.

Ok, I'm done with this, I'll try and write the next one later on!

Monday, 26 July 2010

Barry M Dazzle Dusts and Lip Paints

Oh Barry M...one of my favourite brands ever. I remember when I first saw all the dazzle dusts. At the time I was going through a very colourful and loud phrase and the colours were just like heaven to me. Amazingly I started out with only two dazzle dusts, because every time I'd go to Boots or Superdrug, I would never come to a decision and I would leave empty handed. that all changed when I ordered five different dazzle dusts for my birthday.

back row from l-r: Aqua Gold, Copper, Peony, Neon Pink
front row from l-r: Pale Pink, Fawn, Pink Gold, Pearly Mauve and Crimson/Pink

First of all, not only are these things absolutely gorgeous in terms of shades, but they're pigmented really well as well. They stay on for ages, even in the days when I didn't have UDPP, and the colours look just as good on the lid as in the tub. The only con with these is that they're a bit too long lasting, especially Aqua Gold and Neon Pink. Usually, there'll be a stain of the colour after I've wiped it off, which isn't actually that bad.

top row from l-r: Fawn(49), Aqua Gold(92), Pearly Mauve(90) and Copper(47)
bottom row from l-r: Neon Pink(85), Peony(32), Pale Pink(2), Pink Gold(3) and Crimson Pink(GD7)

Crimson Pink is actually a Glitter Dust, but I decided to swatch it with the Dazzle Dusts. My favourites have got to be Pink Gold, Aqua Gold and Peony, because they all have lovely undertones, gold for the two former and purple for the latter. In fact Peony reminds me a little bit of Urban Decay's Fishnet, which is also a stunning colour.

Now moving on to the Lip Paints. Again there's also an incredible choice of shades to choose from with these.

from l-r: Vibrant Pink(100), Coral(55), Touch Of Magic, Baby Pink(52)

As with the dazzle dusts, these are incredibly pigmented and stay on for quite some time. Unfortunately, they feel a little dry once applied and they look it a bit too (well Vibrant and Baby Pink look it) so I use lipgloss with those. Coral is actually quite a bit sheerer than I expected, but still lovely. And Touch of Magic is just great. I don't have the dryness problem with this one and it seriously will not fade at all, which is brilliant. On me, the colour goes a darkishy pink, a bit like the lip gloss from the Sephora Green Idylle Palette.

Here's a picture of me back in February wearing Touch of Magic when my family went skiing. It faded a bit, but you can still see it.

And now onto swatches...

from l-r: Baby Pink, Touch of Magic, Coral, Vibrant Pink

So that's it from me for today! I'll try and post tomorrow if I have time, I'm not entirely sure I'll manage it as I have to pack and everything for my trip to England on Wednesday!

Sephora Green Idylle Palette

About half a year ago, I was in Sephora and I found this in the sales. Seeing as it only cost a fiver and the colours were pretty nice, I decided to buy it. I am pretty pleased with, but not for the reasons I expected. I adored the eyeshadow creams and didn't think much of the blush and the lip paint at first, but then, after using it a few times, I realised that it was actually the other way round. Anyway, on to the pictures now.

So basically the palette is four eyeshadow creams in blue, green, bronze and copper. And then you have a nice cream blush and a dark pink lip paint.

You can't see it very well, but there's a pic to show you how to use the various creams, which I didn't really stick to.

Yeah, it's been used quite a bit.

So here's the colours swatched.

from l-r: lipstick/gloss, blush, bronze, copper, green and blue.

Using the eyeshadow creams is a bit tricky so I just used my fingers. I tried to recreate the look they have on the back of the palette, which is a little difficult as it wasn't very clear, but I tried my best.

Here's a close up of my eye, just excuse the terrible blending ><
So yeah at the beginning everything seems fine. Good, even. And then, twnety minutes later, disaster strikes (haha, I couldn't resist saying that.) Creasing. EVERYWHERE. Even with UDPP and I tried it with the normal one and with Eden, yet it creases with both of them.

Ok, you can't tell really well with this picture, so I zoomed and cropped one of my eyes for the next picture.

As you can see, it fades except for on the creases, which isn't really attractive. And that's only after twenty minutes, so imagine after a whole day...

But anyway, the blush is really quite good, you can use your fingers or a brush, they both work really well. The lippaint is lovely as well, but I don't use it that much because I get practically the same shade with Barry M's Touch of Magic.

So as a final conclusion, I have to say it was quite a bargain, considering it's from Sephora and that place isn't cheap. That being said, I am disappointed in Sephora because if you're gonna fork out a lot, you don't really want creasing so that doesn't really impress me.

And so it begins...

So this is the start of my beauty blog. Seeing as I have so much makeup (which I'll post pics of in a moment), I thought it would be productive to try my hand at reviewing the various products I have or something along those lines.
First of all, I am definitely obsessed with makeup. That is proven by the fact that whenever I go into a Sephora, I leave 5 minutes later with about ten products swatched on my hand.
Anyway, moving on, I thought I'd mention the fact that my sister Dani also has a blog, so go pay her a vist!
Moving on, I just thought I'd post some pictures of my makeup just to show what I have.
Yes, that is a toolbox.

And now for the more detailled pictures.

A chest of drawers that I got from a friend where I put my pigments and a few lipsticks in.

Yeah, it's colour coded. Well sort of.

My two big palettes which are housed in the Sephora bag because they don't fit anywhere else.

Here's my bag with my makeup tools

And the bag filled with testers and other assorted freebies.

Right, that's all for now, but I'm gonna attempt to post my first review, I still need to get used to blogspot haha.

edit: ok, excuse the tiny writing, dunno why it's like that.