Monday, 1 November 2010

My hair over the years!

Ok, a more correct name for this would be My hair since 2008 as that was when I started caring about my appearance more...before, I was adamant that I would not become a girly girl, that is to say, someone who spent every day doing her hair and makeup. Oh how I've changed. From one side of the spectrum to the other. Although the hair thing still needs work on as mostly nowadays, I just leave it as it is, without brushing it to the horror of one of my best friends. (She doesn't get that my curls will vanish and I'll have a frizzy mass of HORROR on my head instead. attractive)

I suppose the purpose of this post is to go through my mistakes and successes so that you can all learn from them and hopefully, never do the ones I comitted.

So in January 2008, I wanted to do something a little bit more exciting with my hair (Me:Pink! I want bright pink highlights! My mum:No, you can only have blonde! Me:Fine then...)

The result? Oh look, a bumblebee!

Oh yes, Nathalie, you are hiding your face with good reason. Never.Again. Now I thought the highlights would be a bit like all my friends' highlights...I was just forgetting they had brown hair and the bleach did not make their hair YELLOW! In fact, at school a few people were saying behind my back how I looked like 'Biene Maja', which was a german children's show about a bee.

So then I had to wait a bit for these to fade, but then I managed to sway my mum. Not completely, mind you, I didn't get my beloved bright pink, but I did get something close..

This picture was actually the day I got a haircut and it was about a month or so after I dyed my hair dark purple in May 2008, courtesy of Schwarzkopf. I LOVED the colour and just couldn't stop staring at my hair sometimes, but as all good things have to end, it was starting to fade as it was only semi-permanent.

Next up, I managed to convince my mum to let me dye it again, this time permanent and I believe a shade brighter? I'm not sure exactly when that was, but I believe it was July 2008.

So here we have my hair with just the fringe straightened, so quite a bit thicker than in the previous picture, where it was straightened. Now the colour was really intense and again, I adored it! At 14, I was just a sucker for everything bright and I didn't care whether it clashes, so this colour was definitely in for me.

So then for school, my hair still pink, but by October it was fading and had turned browny-red and bored with my hair, my sister cut my fringe for me, which in hindsight, was probably not very wise as it turned out wonky.

See it going up in the middle? Again, I got a lot of criticism from my classmates (nice bunch aren't they?) Annoying was the fact that I had to straighten the fringe EVERY DAY (I am quite lazy with straightening, I know, I just think it's a pain in the arse)

And here's another picture of me for Halloween, where you can tell what's happened to the colour.

Definitely not pink anymore.

So then I had to go through the tedious process of growing out the fringe so that I could walk through the school's corridors without having critical eyes fixed on my fringe (not that that's changed - this time it's always my boots, but I've learnt not to give a crap what the snobs think!)

Hello gormless, how are you? I honestly ask myself what was up with my facial expressions back then haha. I have to note though, I didn't have huge eyebags in that picture, wish it was still like that. So, here I've managed to grow out my fringe enough for me to make it be a side fringe, which is back in my comfort zone! As for hair colour, it's slowly making the transition from purple/pink to browny orange and unfortunately, at this point, I could really tell how the bleacjh affected my hair's texture as it was dry as hell and incredibly frizzy.

Now for a pic from early January 2009.

Here the orangeness is really showing as are my black roots, so my hair was really annoying me at this stage as I wanted my black hair back because I vainly loved being one of the few girls (maybe even only girl?) in my school with natural black hair and blue eyes. So I decided to help my hair a little and dyed it black in February 2009...

Ok, not very natural, but I was just happy to give it a little helping hand. By now the texture was completely effed up so it was frizzy, dry and full of split ends, so at this point, unwisely, I decided to start straightening it most days with which I got this.

To be fair, this was probably an exception as I'd straightened it very carefully (I believe this was May 2009) and mostly it would look like this, especially as it was growing and getting thicker.

Not very carefully straightened, but enough that it wasn't just a frizzy mass of curls. This was in October 2009 and by now, I think my natural hair colour was back, of course, not as black as my hair was before the whole dyeing and highlighting (but I don't have any pictures of my hair back then, as I just looked too horrible for words), which I suppose was due to the excessive dyeing over the last year.

Then throughout Christmas and in January this year, I guess I finally accepted my curls and just left my hair curly and as it was getting quite long at this stage, they were actually halfway decent curls, like so...

This is probably my favourite picture of me, hairwise. The curls were just great, they seemed sleek, not all over the place and THEN what do I do?! A few weeks afterwards, I stupidly go for the chop, which is a big regret of mine as it ended up looking awful unless straightened, so here's a picture of me before my school concert, so obviously I had it straightened as I wanted to look nice..

I'm not gonna post a picture of it curly as I just can't find a decent one, but rest assured, if you have a face shape like mine and curly, unruly hair, do not cut it in a bob unless you are prepared to straighten it. A lot.

Then here's a pic of my hair in July where I was experimenting with having a few (straightened) bits of my fringe falling down on my face which didn't lead anywhere.

Finally, after having it grown out to shoulderlenght now, I'm on my way to getting it as long as it was last winter which I will hopefully get and then I will definitely NOT cut it short. So hope that was interesting for you all and just a little side note, I have bought another not-so-small part for my giveaway and if I go out this week, I will get the main interesting prize. I've been doing it individually cause a stingy naty likes getting 10% off sephora purchases and she has that now ;) xxxxxxx


  1. You look great in all of the pictures but I especially like your hair in the second picture.

  2. thanks :) haha my sister says that's one of her fave pics of me too xx

  3. Heeei I like the 9th and 11th picture the best.

  4. Haha I had similar disasters cutwise, but have never dyed my hair. Full fringes are such a pain, eh?!x
    great blog; why haven't I found this sooner?!