I'm an 18 year old English girl called Nathalie, living in Luxembourg. I have an obvious love for all things makeup and you could say a compulsion to buy a lot of makeup. Which might account for my hard-earned money tutoring vanishing faster than I expect...

Although  I will never be discontented with makeup, my love for film music (by Hans Zimmer, especially) rivals no other. I'm quite sure that I could write pages and pages about film scores and how they are the most instrumental (no pun intended!) part of a film. But I fear that may bore people, so I'll keep it that, unless you want to know more, in which case I suggest you contact me ;) My other passions in life are languages, traveling and playing music, although I fear I lack talent for the latter. But the main thing is to enjoy it, after all. :)

I will probably be incorporating elements like traveling and films into my blog, as I feel I should write about more than just my makeup. I'm sure my purse will be happy with that decision too!

So finally, I hope you enjoy my blog, despite my awkward way of writing (I am an awkward person, period.) and geeky tendencies.

If anyone would like to contact me to know more about me or just to chat, don't hesitate to tweet me or email me.

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