Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year's!

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As I am so perfectionist (really?!), I wanted to post about the new year in the first hour of the new year. Well, for me at least.

Oh yes, people, Nat's sad enough not to be going out but I don't mind, I'm an old lady at heart.

I'm not going to talk about my resolutions for this year as I know I never keep them. But there is one thing I'd like to achieve this year, although call it superficial and typical for a teenager, but this year I would like to get a boyfriend. I have someone in mind who I really like but I'm not gonna blab about it or anything in case I curse it ( not that I'm anywhere NEAR going on a date with him at the moment... at least he knows me so it's not a complete uphill struggle)

So happy new year's everyone and enjoy it and as the luxembourgers say, have 'e gudde rutsch!' which literally translates to a good slide.

Weird, eh?

Thursday, 30 December 2010

A 'No Makeup' FOTD

Hello there, long time no see, no?
Not for lack of trying, I can tell you that. Yet again, my internet is stupid and will work either sparingly or if I refresh the internet every time I open a new page. Yeah...not gonna help with photo uploading. But eventually, I managed it so here's a small blog spot for all of you.

In light of the fact that in the new year, I have to go swimming with school, I've had to accept that I do not have the time to do makeup that is a little bit more complicated than smudging black eyeliner and mascara (the typical look here) so that puts my whole eyeshadow and liquid liner out of the running. So today I decided to try a 'no makeup' look as a) I'm going to need the minimal amount of black, ie mascara and eyeliner, so I don't have to worry about looking like a panda during swimming and so that I can do my makeup quickly. Some people would suggest not wearing makeup before swimming but like any other teenage girl, as swimming is the last two lessons, I'm not gonna go spend practically the whole day makeupless.

Instead of just going for mascara and finished with that, I still wanted to have eyeshadow in my look as I just don't like leaving my eyelids naked.

Ok, now all that rambling's done, I'll show you what I came up with whilst I was messing around.

As you can see, my usual eyeliner is missing and my dark circles are visible due to hastily applied under eye concealer. I ended up using mainly Sephora products, which is a first for me. Usually I tend to go for my british cheap makeup. I sort of mixed a dark brown matte eyeshadow with a lighter one because I noticed that my Too Faced Natural Eye palette's matte colours were more on the cool side and didn't look entirely natural on me. Of course, after doing the look, I stumbled upon my Zoeva nude eye palette, so I had a bit of a 'you idiot, how could you forget about this?' moment.

At this point, it is now the next day as yesterday my internet stopped working but thankfully, everything I'd done until now was auto saved. Right as you can it looks a little bit weird and not fantastically blended at the mo, methinks I still need to work on it. I've decided I want a white base, like nyx's jumbo pencil in milk, but I don't really want to pay the shipping prices so I'm looking for a nice alternative that you could either get in the UK or Sephora, any ideas?

That's all from me for this post, I will attempt to update again, but as usual, that depends on my stupid internet.

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Makeup Magpie #2 : Charles of the Ritz

Merry Christmas everyone! Turns out I have a little time today so I'm going to continue my makeup magpie series with this gorgeous little duo palette that I borrowed off my mum!

Now I have never heard of Charles of the Ritz, but according to my mum, they're better known for perfumes, but correct me if I'm wrong on this, I'm always open to learning more things! So I've just gone on wikipedia (my best mate haha) and according to this page first Charles of the Ritz belonged to Yves Saint Laurent, then to Lanvin and eventually was sold to Revlon and finally shut down in 2002.

Now from the outside this looks really boring and standard without a name on it, until you turn it around to look at the details.

First of all, I love the name of the actual eyeshadows, it sounds a lot interesting than 'shade 07 pink/white' and then once you open it...

Ok a little dusty but look at that stunning colour on the right! I fell in love with it at first sight, thinking 'this is my kinda pink!' and the white is nice as well and it has a bit of a pink highlight to it, so it's not completely white. I'm going to guess that the white is moonbeams and the pink granit rose, although google shows no results for this, so no confirmation on that part. I LOVE the texture of the granit rose one and how it's all kinds of colours, it's so unique compared to the other products I have.

Unfortunately, without primer, these aren't fantastic so I swatched with UDPP underneath so I could show you all how stunning these look as without priming doesn't do them justice. I especially adore the pink and have used it quite a few times and it's just a lovely colour.

I hope you all enjoyed that and in case you're interested, I now have twitter so come follow me (if you want ) at !

Hope you all enjoy your christmas and have a lovely day!

Friday, 24 December 2010

Festive-ish FOTD

Merry Christmas in advance everyone! Like the most of you, I doubt I will be on the computer tomorrow so I'll wish it to you all now.

I did have a few posts lined up but my internet is being an arse right now (what's new?) so I've only JUST managed to get it working for now...

Well, obviously....(if anyone gets that, I will love you forever) as it's christmas, I felt I should go for green and red, so I did, although the combo of dark eye + bright lips was influenced by the fact that I'm not going out. Coward.

It was supposed to be a little brighter, but I think my camera just makes everything look a little darker.

Of course, the blending's not superb but practice makes perfect no?

So I hope you all liked that despite it being a little bit on the dull side and you're probably all tired of hearing it but MERRY CHRISTMAS!! and thank you for reading my blog, every comment/follower makes my day even though I'm shoddy at replying to comments, which I will tackle soon, trust me, I'm not a heartless cow who doesn't bother replying.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

FunnyFace's Beauty's 1000 Follower and Holiday Giveaway!

Hi everyone, I'm really sorry I haven't been able to post lately (I'll say more about that in a later post) but here's just a quick one in case you haven't seen it.

Alicia over at Funny Face Beauty is hosting an amazing giveaway here! It's got Urban Decay, MAC, OCC and some lovely other things, so hurry up and enter! It ends Jan 11, 2011

Monday, 13 December 2010

Week in pictures #2

And another week in pictures! Now judging by this one and the last one, one might be fooled into thinking I lead a highly exciting life, which sadly isn't the case, it's just been coincidental that I had a lot to do last week and the week before! Now personally this one has a few of my fave photos at the mo, see if you can guess why...;)

Wednesday late afternoon/evening it started snowing REALLY heavily, causing enormous amounts of traffic in Luxembourg so my bestie and I (and our respective sibs) went down to our football pitch and just played in the snow like the kids we are. I look really disproportional in this picture because my shorts were slipping down a bit over my tights haha

And here's the picture of my best friend and I which is now my facebook profile picture. Yes, we are the kind that go play in the snow to take pictures.

Then, on Thursday for the first time in Luxembourg history, we had a snow day (at this point all you Brits are going 'PFFF OLD NEWS!', I know you are) and Stef and me took the opportunity to go for a walk and get some nice pics. This here is my favourite of the lot cause of the contrast between the blue sky and the snow.

And here's a picture of my garden on Thursday after my dog had had a little run about (as she does - always ruining the perfect snow! :P) Of course the snow melted on Saturday, so that was a shame...

So as all of you who watched my video know, I did a film yesterday and look who I had the luck to meet (and have a little chat with!) ...Johnathan Rhys-Meyers! I know I look absolutely awful on that picture, it doesn't flatter me at all (especially the bloody outfit they put me in ><) but he was so lovely and he mingled with all the extras, which really touched me, as I've seen lesser known stars (I mean, this is a HOLLYWOOD actor) just completely blank us.

And then finally (now with me in a different outfit) I met Natalia Vodianova, who really is gorgeous in real life and so lovely as well! She's really softspoken and I didn't talk that much with her (my mum did though) but she was also incredibly nice and took pictures with people.

I'm really glad to have been able to get pictures with those two and the fact that they were both so nice blew me away as well :) Oh and for anyone interested, the film they're doing is called Belle du Seigneur and it's set in the 1930's, so that's why I look so weird.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

My first youtube video!

Hi everyone,
this here's my first youtube video which is just showing how I use the sleek gel liner, because dani asked me to show to use it as she wasn't getting any results.

I'd love comments telling me on whether you thought it was good or not or whether I should do more videos.

Makeup Magpie #1 : L'Oreal Glam Shine Lipstick in Sexy Plum

As a little explanation to the title, today I noticed that I have a tendency to...borrow makeup off various family members and usually keep it (after checking they don't mind, of course!). So I've decided to make a little series where I review all these items that I didn't actually buy myself. Here we have the first in the series, a L'Oreal lipstick I found whilst rooting around in the bathroom cupboard a couple of weeks ago.

Here we have L'Oreal's Glam Shine Cream lipstick in 205 Sexy Plum.

The colour of this is plum (well, duh) with gold sparkles. It looks dark on the bullet but on the lips, it's quite sheer but easily buildable.

And now, for my favourite thing about this lipstick...its smell. It smells absolutely fantastic, I think it's probably plummy, but I don't really eat plums so I wouldn't really know (more of a tangerine girl!). Anyway it's fruity and reminds me of the christmas market here and smells so good it could make you want to eat it,but I wouldn't, because that is a waste of lipstick, nor is it healthy (seriously, I think I should be renamed Captain Obvious!)

Now for the swatch. On the left you have the lipstick swiped once and then on the right, you have it with several layers, so as you can see, easily buildable. I like this about the lipstick that you can either have it very subtle with one layer or if you build it up, a nice deep colour. Although in terms of the colour on my arm and lips, I'd say it looks more cherry than plum.

In the following picture, I've built it up a bit and as you can see, it is a tad darker than on my arm. Also another thing that I'm really happy about in this picture is that I managed to (painfully)wax my upper lip and I feel much more confident about the way I look now!

Hope you all liked it and tell me what you think of the magpie idea :) Now I probably won't update tomorrow (watch my video to find out;)) but will try to do so on Monday, most likely I will as I might be babysitting so I'll have time to waste. And after that, Tuesday I'll be busy packing for my trip to England until Saturday so I might be MIA till Sunday.

Friday, 10 December 2010

MNY Maybelline "I'm An Iced Angel" Collection Part One

Just a little note, I'm posting this in two parts, as it'll be a little too image heavy otherwise and I don't like image heaviness!

Please excuse the massive fail that is me putting the package on the wrong way up...
Right, so for Kleeschen (AKA St.Nicholas in Belgium and Holland..basically their christmas), I got this makeup collection from MNY from my parents (ok, I was the one one who picked it out). It retails for €19.99 and funnily enough, I don't think the colours are the same as in the promo pic.

So the nail varnishes are completely different and I think the blue eyeshadow might be the same, but as for the rest, they don't look like the stuff in the collection!
Anyway, as you can tell by the oh so creative name of the collection, it's blatantly a winter collection

Here are the two nail varnishes in shades 653 (the silver glitter) and 655 (beautiful metallic dark blue).

So this nail varnish is just sparkly silver glitter and quite sheer, so it's basically a top coat to spruce up other varnishes.

Oh boy, do I love this nail varnish! The colour is just GORGEOUS and it was just love at first sight. I'm glad that the varnish isn't too dark as I'm not too keen on black and this is light even to be obviously blue.

Bottom is shade 175 and above it is shade 295. usually, I steer clear of the juicy tube lipglosses, because they remind me way too much of the cheap makeup you'd get as a kid that was unbelievably sticky and just awful. So, quite unfairly of me, I thought the worst of these and expected them to be awful, but they are actually really smooth and not sticky at all! I didn't really notice any scent but they're quite pretty, subtle with a little bit of glitter, in fact I think I'm slowly getting over my anti-glitter-lips thing.

So they're quite pigmented, but not too much so, and the clear one has more glitter particles than the pink one, which is the one I prefer because it'll give me a nice subtle colour.

Right, part II is coming right up and should be posted later on this evening :)

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Today's FOTD

yay, a new FOTD! And this time, it's a tiny bit different!

You can't see it, but I used Too Faced's Natural Eye palette (which I have yet to review), using these two gorgeous shimmery gold and brown colours :) And then I used my fruity shine labello on my lips, which has a bit of colour but sheer enough for me to wear at my school without it being an actual scandal. As you can see, I went over the lines of my lips a teeny bit, but my lips are a bit dry and that's also the purpose of a lip balm isn't it?

Here's another pic, but with me trying this L'Oreal lipstick I found in my mum's drawer. I'm planning a review later on because that colour is simply STUNNING and what you can' see is that it has tiny gold sparkles, which look lovely :)

Also I've changed the way I flick my eyeliner and I have a close up here so you can all see what it's like :)

What do you all think? I followed the line of my bottom lash line and just extended it so that it looks even. Good?
I'm off to bed now, night night x

My week in pictures

Way to jump on the bandwagon, much?! Oh well, I've been seeing these on more and more blogs and have been feeling tempted to do it as well, so here's my first go.

Surprise, surprise, a snowy picture. Who HASN'T had snow this week in Europe? This was taken whilst waiting for my bus at school with my mobile. The majority of these are phone pics, hence the bad quality. After all, not every has an iPhone, eh? (this is aimed at Dani, who likes posting her pretty iPhone pics on facebook the whole time :P )

Another snowy pic, this time of my untouched aside from the dog paw prints and if you look in where you can see the reflection of the window, you can see a notebook, which was me studying for French which consumed most of my time this whole week.

Oh hai there, is that a concert?! And wait a second, who's that on the piano? (Btw I'm really proud of this picture - turned out quite well compared to the rest)

Oh yep, it is, Elton John. On Thursday I was lucky enough to go see Elton John live and well, despite Elliot Minor having been my favourite performance so far, this has had to top that. I love Elliot Minor, but well, Elton John is a legend for a reason and Ray Cooper was phenomenal as a percussionist. You wouldn't expect a piano and drums to have that kind of atmosphere, but it did. Our seats were pretty cool as well as we were to the side of the stage and saw a bit of what was happening behind the stage (although it wasn't actual backstage)

A piccie of my dog Molly that I managed to snap before she rolls away/hides her face (doesn't like her pic taken for some reason..). This is her in her 'belly rub' pose, which is what she does when she rolls on her back basically asking for me to rub her belly. I thought I'd post this in case Dani's missing her dog (which she probably is) and to remind her that in two weeks time, she'll see her again (and more importantly, she'll see ME in ten days!)

My view from the top window and this is the snow left over from earlier on this week, although tomorrow it'll be a little bit different as it's been snowing for ages the last few hours which I have a picture of as well (see next couple of pics)

This was today in C&A as I'd gone shopping the same day as my best friend (thus, running in to her mum for the second day running whilst shopping haha) and we were in C&A trying on those funny headbands for a laugh.

Yeah, C&A again and this time, me trying on a silly hat. I think I prefer my beret to this one :P

And yet another snow picture, except here this is it snowing about an hour ago and look at all the pretty snow flakes the flash caught! Hopefully it'll snow a bit more during the night, I adore snow :) Although I don't want it to snow so much that I can't go to school on Monday.

..Wait, WHAT?! She wants to actually go to school?!

Not school in general, but Monday is going to be fun as it's Kleeschen (or St Nicholas Day, as the Belgians and Dutch call it) and in our school, the 1es (who are in their last year - the numbering system goes from 7e, the first year, up to 1e, a bit funny, but I'm used to it) dress up and go around disrupting class. Fun :D