Saturday, 16 October 2010

Some more Outfits of the Day!

So I take loads of pictures of my outfits during the week, but I always think 'Nah, one outfit per post is a waste', so I decided to do a few at a time :)

Starting with my most recent outfit from Thursday (not that that means I haven't worn anything since then haha, it's just I didn't take pictures)

So the blazer and top are from Primark (trusty primark hehe) and the skirt is from C&A, which I think had a rep for being crappy quality back when it existed in the UK, but it's improved quite a lot lately, so I go there quite often.

This was from not this past week, but the week before and the blazer's from New Look, the dress is from C&A's and the lacy tights are from Auchan, a french supermarket that had some lovely tights and the purple tights are from somewhere in England, my mum brought them back for me but I dunno where she got them.

Here we have the same blazer from before, a top from Primark, a skirt from New Look and those same lacy tights except over neon pink primark ones.

That's all for now, Michael McIntyre's on TV, and I don't wanna miss that!


  1. Really like the first outfit, Jon said it reminded him of Madonna lol! Your mirror could do with a clean ;) just kidding....lub yew

  2. @Dani thankies but :O at jon it does need cleaning but I dunno where mum put that funny brush thing xxxxxxx
    @ thanks :)