Saturday, 2 October 2010

FOTDs and OOTD from this week

So this first FOTD from yesterday will be absolutely disgraceful, I apologise in advance.

A bare face with only mascara. I woke up yesterday and thought 'I cannot be arsed to wear a lot of makeup today' so I just grabbed the brown mascara lying on my desk. No eyeshadow. No under-eye concealer, crazy I know. But oh well, nobody ran away screaming so I guess I didn't look that awful.

So here's my makeup for thursday. Haha if you look closely, the right of bottom lip has a little cut cause I've been subconsciously gnawing on it, oops!

Otherwise, it's pretty simple. I think I used a light eyeshadow and eyeliner and then I tried my mum's mascara and used loooooads of layers so my lashes look rather clumpy.

And here we have my famous Doc Martens, I <3 them. The skirt and top are from New Look :)


  1. oh wow, you're a perfect example of when makeup enhances natural beauty. you're gorgeous! xxx

  2. oh thank you, that's so nice of you :)*blushes* xx

  3. you definitely look fine without makeup! you are one of the lucky ones :)