Sunday, 3 October 2010

Dupe Alert! Urban Decay Aquarius vs Miss Sporty Lasting Colour in Hypnotic Turquoise

Ladies, I have foudn my first dupe! And boy am I proud haha!

So today I was debating what colour I was going to paint my nails when my eyes fell upon Urban Decay's Aquarius from their Summer Of Love collection. And then I noticed the Miss Sporty Lasting Colour in Hypnotic Turquoise, which looked pretty similar.

See, there is a certain similarity, so I decided to test it out to see if I had stumbled upon a dupe.

left Urban Decay, right Miss Sporty

Ok, so at one coat Miss Sporty is slightly greener than Urban Decay but after a few coats...

Every alternative nail is Urban Decay, starting from the thumb and as you can see, after two-three coats, they're practically identical.

But what do you save in terms of price?

Well, if you wanted to be really iffy, you could divide the Urban Decay Summer of Love set at £17.50 by 7 and get £2.50 out of it. Miss Sporty retails at £1.99, so you'd save 51p. BUT as you can't buy the nail varnishes individually, you'd save around 15 quid, if you just wanted this shade. But of course, if you want all of them, then by all means, get the set (despite it well...being autumn.)



  1. Love both colours! What are they like in terms of quality though?xxxx

  2. they're both pretty good, the urban decay one is quite sheer, so it needs two or three coats and I think the miss sporty one is thicker, I'm not sure about the lasting power though, will get back to you on that xxxx

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