Sunday, 31 October 2010

Stargazer Florescent Eyeshadows and Liquid Eyeliner

Oh, hello! It looks like I've retreated from my busy life and have managed to get an update in. Which hopefully, there'll be a few of this next week, as it's half-term, thank goodness!

Now, first of all, what is really bugging me is the name of the eyeshadows. on Stargazer's site, they have it as Florescent Eyeshadows, but the grammar freak locked in me (incredibly influenced by my sister, just as some information) is going 'Hang on a minute...that's supposed to be fluorescent, isn't it?' which is making me want to write to Stargazer and say 'Sorry, don't mean to be rude, but you've spelt that wrong' with the same kind of embarassment I have when I point out to a teacher that they've spelt something wrong. I just can't take pleasure in pointing out their mistakes!

Ok, moving on from that little detail, I'm gonna review the eyeshadows that I got for my birthday last year, I think, and the eyeliner. Both retailling at £3.00, I'm very happy with the price as that eyeliner is used an awful lot.

So the shades I have are Forest Green, Rose Pink, Sea Blue and Orange. That just makes me feel sorry for orange. It's just plain orange whilst the others all have fancier names. And then the liquid eyeliner is Violet and BOY is the swatch on their site far off from the real thing. On the site it looks like blue with a hint of purple, but in reality it's basically completely purple with no blue whatsoever, which also makes it mislabelled a bit as my iPod's violet and that is most definitely a deep purple/blue. In fact I would describe this liner as more mauve than violet.

See what I mean? No hint of blue there.

Now these eyeshadows are all matte and also they're made specially for clubbing because apparantly they glow in UV lighting ( I wouldn't know that as my clubbing life is non-existant and has been my whole life)

(l-r rose pink, forest green, orange, sea blue and violet)

So swatches...these are over a primer (and not even UDPP at that! Just my cheap Manhatten primer) and they took a few swipes, but they are pretty pigmented. As you can see in my other pictures, the blue has cracked so you have to be careful handling these as they crack easily (mind you, so does Benefit) but otherwise they're very good value for money. The liner is good as well, takes a bit to dry, but in the end is quite good for an eyeliner, especially the colour, as it's nice to have a change from the average blacks and browns .

And here we have a blurry picture, but with flash as the natural light one ended up a bit bright.

I'll try and see if I can update again tomorrow, annoyingly ALL my teachers have given us homework, which I want to start with early so I don't do it all at the last minute xxx

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Sephora Mascara Liner in red

Oooh another Sephora post..for someone who's not crazy about Sephora, I sure do have a lot of their products! Well this one is a little older and I saw it lying around in my box and thought 'Oh hell, let's see if this hasn't dried out!'

Ladies, I am proud to say that it is still functioning, although has dried out a little! This here as you can see is a metallic glittery liquid liner AND a mascara! it costs 9.99€ from what tells me and I have to admit, that's not actually a bad price for what it is.

Rather odd applicator isn't it? Well there you have the bog standered brush for lining fixed onto the mascara part which has no form aside from the typical plastic mascara brush swirls.

The swatch is actually...fantastic, which surprises me. It's very pigmented, quite easy to apply (although be careful not to get your lashes red if you're doing your eyeliner, that's what happened to me as you'll notice in the next few pictures)

The colour itself is rather unconventional, as not many people go for red, but they have blue, pink, purple , green, gold and silver as well, so I think one of those will be added to my giveaway prize (yes I still haven't got everything yet, I know, I'm a procrastinator)

Unforutnately, I don't know tjhe shade this is in as the site only lists the other six and the writing's faded from the liner.

Here you have it as a liner, it's applied quite messily, but I was a bit impatient and wanted to get the photos done and then start with the FOTD I just posted.

Here you have it as a mascara and it is actually quite impressive. The colour payoff is incredible and ok, it doesn't give curl or length or any of that, but then to be fair, it's just a colour mascara.

All in all I'm very impressed with it and here's a picture of me from December 2008 with it on, during my rather more clashing colour days :)

The pose is rather unflattering and as you can see, that is my sister there, but this picture shows the red off very well :) I actually really like the contrast between the red and the blue here :)


Tango in Buenos Aires FOTD

And so now we're at the second last FOTD of the Sephora palette, this time using Tango in Buenos Aires.

Even though this palette has mostly dark colours, my eye makeup is still rather light as dark colours really don't suit me!

Here we have the first lipgloss which I LOVE LOVE LOVE, the colour is just gorgeous and it's not too sheer.

Now this is with the other lipgloss, which is paler than I expected, but still not too pale. I only just noticed that this picture looks practically identical to the one before it, minus the lipgloss change and flick of hair in face, haha rather boring of me to have the same pose!

So I hope you all liked that and I'll try and get started on the last palette today, but I'm a little doubtful of that as I still have to do quite a lot of french homework xxxxx

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Coffee in New York FOTD

My order is a little messed up, as I've done the Shopping in Milan FOTD first, but here it is, the Coffee in New York FOTD featuring (duh) the Sephora Coffee in New York palette !

So with this look, I decided to make it a little more interesting by lining my eyes completely, so including my lower lash line, which was tricky to do so it's not very neat, sorry about that! Here's the look with the brown gloss, which is quite nice but I'm not sure I would wear it out in public, I'm doubting my ability to pull it off.

Here we have the look but this time with the other gloss :)

Now for some close ups...

And here we have me trying it out with my new falsies. As you can obviously see, I still need some practice as the adhesive is on show, so again excuse that :P

Hope you all liked that, I'd love to see some comments, they make my day, they really do! xxxxxxxxxxx

Maybelline Line Definer liquid eyeliner in Black Brown

Helloo everyone, I'm going to start my posts off with a review of a liquid eyeliner as I've been experimenting with my various eyeliners this past week, starting with Maybelline's Line Definer!

I actually like the packaging, it's very cute and the colour just speaks out to me :)

What I also like is the applicator: I have some difficulties with teh average liquid eyeliner so I quite like the way this is like a pen, it makes it easier to drawy a straight line (although still not perfect)

On the swatch, it took a few swipes to get that dark but I guess that's the great thing about liquid eyeliner, it's buildable so you can go over it again and again.

Moving on to staying power...rather mediocre, I have to confess. My N.Y.C liner stayed on all day and this was starting to fade after a few hours, which is rather annoying as I paid a bit more for this than for the NYC one.

Excuse the dead look in my eyes, I don't know why I look like a zombie there. Now on the left you have it after a few hours and on the right, freshly applied. So you can tell how it's faded and started looking patchy.

I would rate this product 3/5 because that doesn't impress me very much, but the application does make a pretty impressive pro. I don't knwo if there's a difference when using a primer, that's just for eyeshadows no? Well I'll have to try that out, so I'll let you know once I have :)


Monday, 18 October 2010

Shopping In Milan FOTD

And next up, we have Shopping in Milan! Again you can view the swatches here and sorry for skipping Coffee in New York, I'll try and do that next.

So here I decided to do full face makeup with foundation, concealer, the works. So I decided I'd start with just foundation and concealer, without the eye makeup, blusher, lipgloss.

It seems that I went over one eyebrow with powder and didn't noticer, that's why they look weird, woops!

And now...with the eye makeup from the palette along with Sleek Gel Liner and mascara.

I used the darker lipgloss on this one, it's quite a nice look :)

And here we have with the lighter lipgloss and I actually like this picture a lot for once :)

Next up some eye shots...

Hope you all liked this look :) I probably won't update tomorrow, very hectic on tuesdays xxxx

Dinner In Paris FOTD

So as promised here is the first FOTD with the Sephora 5 in 1 Colorplay palette, this one for the Dinner In Paris palette, which you can look at the swatches here.

So I didn't do a black smokey eye as that would be WAY too overbearing on my face, considering the black hair and black eyebrows I have.

See? Very light and still was nearly bordering on too dark. I did the blush and the lipgloss as well, as you can see the blush is REALLY prominent, in the beginning it was too prominent, but otherwise this is great for the classic look.

Next up, the look I made with Shopping in Milan today :) xxx

Sephora Colorplay 5 in 1 Palette Clubbing in Tokyo 5/5

YAY WE'RE FINALLY DONE! This is the final installment of the five Sephora Colorplay palettes and I'm pretty chuffed to have finally done it. Wow, that was a lot of finallys.

So the Clubbing in Tokyo palette is basically pastel colours, which means that the colours are okay at best as they're all pretty light.

You can sort of see the organisation of the palette here with one row being the darker colours and then the next row, each of those colours' lighter equivalents.

And also here we don't really have a specific colour range, just yellow, green, pink, blue and a yellow-green. Although the lighter green looks bluer than it should be.

Again, fallout in the glosses...argh the colours are gorgeous though. Again with the pastel theme, a pale lipgloss and then a lovely bright pink, exactly what I love. The blush is quite light and I'm not sure whether it'd show up on my skintone, I had some difficulties with swatching it, actually.

Wow, surprise here! The light colours are actually decently pigmented, which contradicts what I was thinking as the other palettes are poorer in terms of light colour quality.

The lipglosses are pretty good as well, as you can see the pale oneis quite sheer, so it wouldn't blank out your lips. As for the blush, here you can see how it's not very good at showing up on my skin.

So that's it for the Sephora 5 in 1 palette! I've decided I'm now going to do some FOTDs with each palette, some of which will already be posted by the time this is published, so I hope you like them. Comments would be incredibly appreciated and would make you get a virtual cookie :) xx