Saturday, 19 November 2011

party fotd

So first I'm REALLY sorry for my MIA - i've been so caught up in a lot of things I haven't had time to blog! This is really short post as I'm dead knackered and my bed is calling me.I was at a friend's 18th birthday party last night and I thought I'd show you lot my makeup :) This is a recreation of it as I didn't have the time to take pics before and there haven't been any pics of the party posted on fb yet so I had to make do. I felt like going for a vampy look as it's nearing winter and I'm loving these dark reds!

Urgh thank you blogger for screwing up the quality of's gone and given me the crappy old photo uploader and I can't be bothered to go edit it all at the mo so you'll have to deal with these, sorry!