Saturday, 14 April 2012

India part 2!

Here we go with our second part of my India trip! This is a rather short post as I'm feeling quite tired and am just gonna go relax after this.

On our way to meet the next youth group, we stopped at this place where they were making sugar from the sugar canes and the guys driving the jeeps were explaining the whole process to us, which was really interesting to hear but also shocking cause the man sitting by that (incredibly incredibly BOILING) pot could possibly lose his eyes cause the heat's so strong, but they have to have someone watching over the pot incase anything goes wrong.

This was with the next youth group which was one of my personal highlights as we played games with them and played Indian games and taught them some Luxembourgish ones and just had a lot of fun. There were some boys there absolutely fascinated with my fan and how it works which was really funny ahaha.

The next day in Solapur on our way to the station for our 5 hour journey to Raichur (dubbed hell by me cause it's so unbelievably hot there). I was fascinated by the rickshaws during my whole trip and I'm quite pleased of this photo cause it's in focus whilst everything else is slightly blurred.
On the train, on my 'bunk bed'. It was quite an interesting experience, especially as the AC made the compartment freezing and once we arrived and opened the door, it was all UNFFF with the force of the heat that was outside.

In our hotel for the night. Neela (Whose village we were staying in the next night) had come with people from her organisation to pick us up from the station and stayed with us at the hotel.
Me in the hotel, looking tired like in all my other photos. Note the classy plastic chair in the background haha!

That's all for now, hope you enjoyed!

FOTW (basically multiple faces of the week)

Hi everyone!!
As I've had rehearsals this week (every day from Tuesday till Friday..didn't get much of a break after India, did I?) and I've missed making myself up so much, I've been doing something different for makeup each day as I thought I'd start getting myself back into practice for next week (I'll be doing multiple costume and makeup changes for our play(s)).

So this was Wednesday and I FINALLY used my Naked palette again. Lately I've just been doing eyeliner and mascara as I couldn't be bothered to use eyeshadow in the mornings. Anyway my skin is kinda blemish-y but I don't want to use any foundation or a lot of concealer as next week, I'll be using quite a lot to not look too pale on stage.

Thursday: This was kind of one of those lazy days as I just used a brown Barry M eyeliner (not even LIQUID, which is unheard of for me!) and the usual blush and liptint. After India, I've realised the one makeup product I can't live without is blush. I desperately need some colour in my face above anything else!

Friday: I look quite asleep at this point, I guess I hadn't fully woken up yet haha. My hair looks nice, not too thick, as it was still half wet. Despite the 10 degrees celsius weather, I still haven't got out of the habit of going outside with wet hair, which I did the whole time in India cause it was easier and it'd dry really quickly anyway. I used the Naked palette again and my Maybelline gel liner, despite it being all dry now.

check out our cluttered bookcase! You can tell we're a house full of book nerds ;)

My best friend and I were bored this afternoon so we decided to make ourselves up just for shits and giggles (my new favourite expression!). I did mine and she did hers and then we goofed around taking loads of silly pictures (none of which I'll subject you lot to;)!) I've just noticed how pale I look compared to her...downside of being besties with an Italian, I guess ;) 

Monday, 9 April 2012

Long time no see + pic spam of my India trip! (part 1)

Hi all, it's really been a long time since I've posted, hasn't it? I've just returned from a two week trip to India and beforehand, I hadn't had a lot of time to myself and the time that I did had, I just spent relaxing.

It was quite a stressy time cause I didn't know what to expect with this trip, but obviously it was completely different to what I expected. To give you all a bit of background info, it was part of this youth exchange that a Luxembourgish NGO has been doing (not their first, I believe) and 5 Indian youths, all coming from villages or slums, visited Luxembourg in October (I believe I may have briefly mentioned it) and so in March, it was our turn to go to India and visit various NGOs that AEI (the Luxembourgish one) are partnering with. It was a once in a lifetime experience, as we had the opportunity to stay in the villages of the teenagers who visited Luxembourg and seeing how they live was definitely something new to me.

Instead of rambling on, I figured I would just post pictures and explain as I go along. Just for background info, we visited the states Maharashtra and Karnataka. Also, there is nothing relevant to makeup here, but this blog also is a bit about my life, so I figured I'd post anyway :) I have way too many photos for one post, so I'll be doing this in parts. I hope you all enjoy and if it's boring, please don't hesitate in letting me know!

This was the sunset when we were on our way to Mumbai, I think we were flying over Turkey at this point, I'm not sure though. Anyway I love sunsets so this had to go in the post.

 We were staying in a hostel called the YMCA in Bombay so we couldn't resist posing ;)

 This is the washing centre in Bombay and we were lucky enough to have a tour through it. It was really interesting to see the system in how they do it, although I'll admit I felt so uncomfortable at how some of the men were looking at me.

We got to go in the Taj Mahal Palace and have a look around (and my god, AC has never felt so lovely before to me) and I couldn't resist getting my picture taken inside :)

This here is the most expensive house in the world and we drove past it (and managed to get a decent photo of it) and it's just so bizarre to see this expensive building in a neighbourhood surrounded by poverty.
I just took a picture of this man cause it looked so funny to see people from the back of their vans just standing there. I wish I could have taken a picture of lots of people all together in a van but I didn't get the opportunity.

This is in Pune now and we'd been to a shop to buy some Indian clothes and this is the outfit I bought. I didn't buy a sari as I figured I'd never wear it back here but the tunic or the trousers I could wear individually so it was more practical to buy them (although the trousers, size M, are HUUUGE on me, which is quite funny).
This is the traffic that you can see out of our window in the hostel we stayed in. I was fascinated by the Indian traffic cause it's so noisy and insane and alltogether, quite the experience.
This is Rohini, one of the teenagers who came to Luxembourg in October. We later on went and stayed in her house in her village although this picture was taken in a restaurant in Pune as we met the Ambassador for Luxembourg whilst in Pune and we all went to dinner.
This is the next evening in the village (unfortunately I can't remember any of the names of the villages, only the cities they were close to).We (me and two other girls) didn't stay in this house, as we were with Rohini, but the adults travelling with us stayed here. My friend Anna borrowed my camera to take pictures of the women whilst they were preparing the food in the kitchen.

The next day, after staying in the village in Rohini's house we came back to the house where the adults stayed and they had a tumeric plantation and so they showed us around it. (This being a tumeric root before they create the powder).

I think this is enough for today as I'm still relatively tired but I hope you all like this and let me know if there's anything else you'd like to know :)