Monday, 18 October 2010

Shopping In Milan FOTD

And next up, we have Shopping in Milan! Again you can view the swatches here and sorry for skipping Coffee in New York, I'll try and do that next.

So here I decided to do full face makeup with foundation, concealer, the works. So I decided I'd start with just foundation and concealer, without the eye makeup, blusher, lipgloss.

It seems that I went over one eyebrow with powder and didn't noticer, that's why they look weird, woops!

And now...with the eye makeup from the palette along with Sleek Gel Liner and mascara.

I used the darker lipgloss on this one, it's quite a nice look :)

And here we have with the lighter lipgloss and I actually like this picture a lot for once :)

Next up some eye shots...

Hope you all liked this look :) I probably won't update tomorrow, very hectic on tuesdays xxxx


  1. I love this look! Your skin looks amazing also!

  2. I love this look!!! The line is perfect!!! Amazing!!

  3. nice look :)


  4. wow, you look stunning! i adore this look!

    the lips look gorgeous too x