Saturday, 2 October 2010

New York Color Metro Quartet in South Street Seaport

First of all BIG apologies for my absence again. School is making me busier than ever and it's only going to escalate next week as I'm joining a couple of clubs and I'm doing babysitting, so I guess I'll only be able to post at weekends :(

And next, YAY more followers :) Thank you all so much, my giveaway is overdue but I need to earn some money before I can buy the stuff, but rest assured by next Saturday I should have the goodies!

Anyway, on to my life in general, this week I've been spending more time on my appearance for school, if you want you can guess why...;) so today I decided to review one of my smaller palettes that I really don't use enough.

New York Color...ah I feel a bit of a connection with this brand as back in April I got a free makeover in Superdrug and went and bought nearly all the products they used on me.

Ignore the awkwardly overplucked eyebrow, that bothered me for ages. I felt really happy when I had that makeover cause the MUA said I had a 'flawless complexion' and compliments just make me happy :)

One of said products is their Metro Quartet in South Street Seaport, which is a very neutral look ideal for blue eyes (that being said, it's not limited to that colour!)

It's diddy, this is so it'll fit perfectly in your handbag if you're worrying you might need to touch up your eyeshadow.

Very handy with this are the instructions so that if (like me) you forget from time to time where what goes, this'll help.

As for the product itself, in terms of quality, you definitely need a good primer with this stuff. The two browns above were heavily swatched over UDPP and are still a bit iffy, so primer's a must. Otherwise, the colour pay-off is quite nice, although I must admit I'm not going to put the pinky colour all over my lid.

So I tried to recreate the look that the makeup artist did on me, but I didn't quite get it, so I just followed the instructions on the palette.

(I'm using my smaller camera and I must admit, it's a lot better for close ups!) A side note, my eyebrow pencil's faded a bit since I applied it so my eyebrows look a bit odd. And as for my lashes, I'm very pleased with how they look here.

I also used my N.Y.C. liquid eyeliner and it was a little messy, but I'm pleased with the flick.

So there you have it, I actually managed to get a nice look with this palette, not like the last time I tried using it. I'm not sure of the price anymore, but it was cheap so if you like the look of it, go ahead and get it as it is worth it with primer :)


  1. Love this look on you, the black liner really makes your eyes pop :)

  2. thanks :D it's actually that brownie black liner that I got from NYC