Monday, 27 September 2010


So Dani did this tag on her blog and she said everyone was tagged...I'm gonna take that as NAT and everyone, cause her forgetting her sister is unforgiveable.

What is your favourite fashion accessory?
Hat. To be precise, the grey hat in my OOTD, it's my new baby, I don't even care that it's not even winter yet.

Who's your fashion role model? (In real life and YouTube/Blogging)
Well, I suppose, I do try and imitate my sister a little bit and also, I like to try and get that Rachel Berry look, but I don't completely succeed, because some of it can be too nerdy for me. Otherwise, I don't actually follow any fashion blogs, but I try and create my own sort of funky style based on what I see in magazines, although it doesn't always work.

What do you always carry with you?
Well, nothing all the time, as I am prone to forgetting/not needing stuff. I suppose you could say tissues and throat sweets as I become sick very often and very quickly so they're often neccessary.

What would you describe your style as?
My style is a mixture between ecletic and normal, depending on how lazy I'm feeling. I used to have days where I'd go to school in a sweatshirt and jeans, but I try and spruce it up by adding pink doc martens or a girly headband as not to seem too boring. Otherwise, I like all kinds of skirts, knee-length to short, with tights mostly and usually something pink. And usually my clothes are patterned, so they might seem a little loud.

Favourite: jeans, sunglasses or heels?
Jeans, I guess, even though I don't wear 'em very often. I can't wear heels as a) I can't walk in them and b)I look stupidly tall in them and my sunglasses don't get used very often.

What inspired you to blog about fashion?
Eh, I don't really blog about fashion, but I suppose I'll just answer this about beauty. I guess I just had so much makeup and I wasn't doing much with it so I just decided to review and use some of the stuff up. And the thrill of trying make up probably has something to do with it!

What is your favourite fashion store/shop?
Typically, Primark. I love the cheapness and trendiness of the place. That being said, I adore Jane Norman though I can't really afford a lot of stuff from there.

What is your favourite fabric in clothing?
Wool! I love it, it just feels so snuggly and I love all things winter clothing.
Who is your favourite designer?
Now this is gonna shock people, but I actually....don't like designer stuff. I think they're all really overpriced and I can get stuff practically the same from the high street. What can I say...I take Gok's side in Gok's Fashion Fix!
Who/what inspires your style?
Dani! Again, I just inspire myself from my big sister (though shorter than me) and sort of attempt to imitate her, but it rarely works, but I'll admit, I love the 50s as well as it's all about showing off your curves, and well, I have some of those and it's sort of helped me accept my body as it is and not long for a stickthin body like my classmates. Haha I guess I like being unique!

What would you choose to do - buy something in high quality or make it yourself if you could?
Buy something high quality, I'm a real klutz with my hands, I could never make anything.

4 things in my bag
* My purse
* Cola Vanilla lip balm
* tissues
* ipod

4 things in my purse
* My bus pass
* Sephora Black Card
* A 1p, even though I'm paying in euros here
* cinema tickets

4 favourite things in my bedroom
* My Joker poster! It sort of balances out the uber pinkness of my room by making it a little less girly (although nothing's wrong with girly, I just like a balance)
* My makeup box. nuff said, really
* My assorted little memory pics on my wall: I've got everything from mementos from being an extra in a movie, to pics of my mates and I and this funny little pic of my late teacher from primary of him as one of the french football team (you know the stickers you collect before the world cup, one of them)
* My bed! Best.bed.ever

4 things I've always wanted to do
* Go to Australia! I need to do this
* Dress up as the Spanish Inquisition.
* Go to an 80s Night!
* Meet Hans Zimmer

4 things I'm currently into
* Joseph Gordon-Levitt. This man, althoug 13 years older than me, is my future husband. He doesn't know it yet though
* Dissertations. I know WTF but hey, I get to shout my opinion on pro/con things in class, could it get better?!
*Pink cheeks :) Yay, fresh look!
*Contact lenses. Yep, I'm wearing 'em again

4 things I bet you didn't know about me
* I studied Mandarin last year after school voluntarily and I'm probably gonna continue this year
* I have to sit next to three teenage boys most days of the week and listen to their discussions about MILFs and other things I would really not want to know (Thanks a lot for that guys btw)
* I love cheesy 80s music, which I've inherited from my mum. LOVE it
* I'm half english and a quarter Indian and a quarter Austrian. Complicated much?

4 songs I can't get out of my head
* Glee's version of Toxic. Lol addicted to it, scuse the pun
* This. It's not actually a song, but it's magical
* Hit Me Baby One More Time. Yeah, again glee. But it stays in my head aaarghhhh
*Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You <3>
yeah, I'm tired now so I'ma tag some people tomorrow, but feel free to do it already!

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