Sunday, 19 September 2010

Boots No7 Opulence Palette

The Boots No7 Opulence Palette was released as a Limited Edition Christmas palette at £13 but obviously they had some left over in clearance at June, as one of my birthday presents from my nan was this (costing £3.75, my nan has a radar for bargain things) and I've used it a few times, so I thought I'd review it for you girls :)

So it's a pretty small compact, ideal to fit in your bag as it has a mirror with it as well.

The palette has five colours, all rather shimmery except the black, which is matte. The odd geometrical forms are a small annoyance for me, as personally, I'd rather the highlight colour was the small circle, instead of the gold yellow, which I use a lot more.

As for the colours, they're all incredibly pigmented, as the picture above shows you. Ok, I used UDPP underneath but the fact that they're THAT pigmented with a base shows how gorgeous they are. My favourites are the gold/yellow and blue. The least pigmented is the white glittery highlight, which took a couple of swipes to end up like that. I love how metallic all the colours look and I've used the yellow often for a simple daytime look.
Unfortunately, I didn't create a look with these for this post, but I will in due time. That's all for this, sorry it's kind of short!

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  1. This is a beautiful palette! I love the packaging and the colours it contains: Thanks so much for this review,