Friday, 17 September 2010

Back to school and a bit of rant

Hey everyone,
sorry I've been a bit MIA the last couple of days, I've been a bit busy what with my piano lesson starting and school starting today.
I'm a bit unsettled cause this year, I'll be sitting by myself during lessons, cause, I guess none of my 'friends' wanted to sit next to me, which obviously makes me feel wonderful about myself. Not even one of my best friends (unfortunately my other close friends aren't actually in my year) wants to, cause when I ask her, she justs shrugs and evades answering. Which is hurtful cause I've known her for more than ten years and she'd rather sit next to the same girl she's been sitting next to for teh past two years (whilst I've had to sit next to a bitchy girl who just tried to use me for those two years).

And so I guess I'm a bit pissed off cause obviously that implies that it's not fun sitting with me, which justs makes me feel like even more of an outcast in my class, because I'm the only one who wears makeup aside from mascara and I wear too much makeup and I'm obsessed with it and my bright pink shoes are weird and blahblahblah... Another thing that makes me feel uncomfortable round them is that I'm a uk size 14/16 and practically everyone here in luxembourg is incredibly thin and then they'll all moan about being fat and of course I'll reassure them that they're not fat and jokingly say that I'm the fat one and then everyone just goes quiet and changes the subject, so yeah another great thing for my self esteem.

So I'm gonna try and optimistically do this sitting alone thing, because this way, I won't have anyone trying to cheat off me or use me just because I'm good in english (amazing how transparent some of these people get) and I'll just see how it goes.

Sorry for a bit of a very non makeup related rant here, I'm just feeling a bit down in the dumps and I'm planning on reviewing the foundations that I have so I'll do that tomorrow and thanks to anyone who bothered reading this moan/rant/poor me thing.


  1. don't let that put you down. I know it's pretty hard, but Stay positive. I suppose it's not too bad sitting by yourself, you learn to grow up more independantly without having to rely on others. =)

  2. The people in your class sound awful. It's sounds so bad for you. I've just started a new school and trying to make friends is hard. I hope things get better for you soon :)

  3. I just use the pencil itself to smudge the line. You should check out the Body Shop liner and Love Gloss... I love them colours!

  4. @London's-beauty that's another good point, thanks for that :) xx
    @Robyn aw, I hope you make friends pretty soon :) I'm just gonna try and keep my head high and throw myself into other activities so I'm distracted from being lonely in lessons xx
    @Beauty Addict ah I see :) haha I will , I always go into the Body Shop and come out with a hand covered in swatches, their eyeshadows are just so smooth and I love them :) xx