Thursday, 9 September 2010

Free Makeovers & Goodie Bags at Boots

So according to, Boots are offering free consulations and goodie bags as part of their 'Premium Brands Events' from the 8th of September til the 7th of October. Here's what says....

Free consultations and goodie bags at Boots during its 'Premium Brands Event' from Weds 8 Sept - Thurs 7 Oct. Just pop in to your local Boots store for your free consultation and goodie bag.

Here's the link for anyone who wants to see it.

EDIT: More info here. Basically, you can get makeovers from designer brands going from Benefit to Dior to Yves Saint-Laurent... BUT I've found out that it's only in selected stores which you can view on the link I posted after the edit. ( I could copy/paste but this laptop's a pain in the arse).
So offeroasis aren't entirely correct, because it's not in your local boots, rather only in 15 stores acorss the Uk. Although, it does sound promising, so a long would be worth it to those who like the sound of it :)


  1. oh sounds interesting!i must go hehe:)

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  4. Hello hun, sounds great if you have it nearby. I just found your blog and following, feel free to come and say hello x

  5. @irene be sure to tell me if you do, I'm curious to know what goodies people'll get :) xx
    @BeautyBenefit thanks :) Your blog's pretty cool so I'll follow xx
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  6. How do I apply? I just won a free goodies back from FantasticFreebies, I applied to get there 2 minute miracle gel - and it came today, its amazing.