Sunday, 12 September 2010

A couple of EOTDs!

I'm back! Well, officially, I am back. And I'm freezing, cause my house is always incredibly cold when we get back from a summer holiday.

So I have a few Eye of the Days for you from my holiday.

The first one is an attempt at a red smokey eye, as I cannot pull off a black one to save my life! A black one would just be overkill, what with black eyebrows and black hair. So using my Sleek sunset palette, I created this...

I am really sorry about the photo quality, my camera is acting mediocre at the moment and it's really frustrating me! First of all, they're blurred with the flash and then without flash, I look like a vampire, I'm so pale (I don't sparkle though thank god). And now with my eyes shut, so you can see it more clearly. The blending out isn't spectacular because I only got my new brush set today (and I love it!).

And then on my last night in the South of France, I did a green look using my Sephora Five-in-One Palette, which I still need to review :P And in both looks, I used Sleek's Gel Liner, which I'm loving!

Sorry the cropping is a bit weird, I couldn't do a full face shot as my lips were awfully swollen from being sick and all the wind in Italy.

O.O I look like a corpse there, my god, the settings on my camera are crazy.

That stray hair on my eyebrow is REALLY bugging me on this picture...

And now for something a little bit random. In my local supermarket, you can give your loose change and get a ovucher in return. How much money do you guys think is in these bags?

Just a little fun thing I thought I'd do and I'll let you know tomorrow how much it is! :)


  1. i LOVE that green EOTD! super pretty. and i'd love to read a review of those sephora palettes- i can't wait for yours. :)
    hmm are they all pennies in those bags? maybe $10? i'm really bad at guessing though, haha.

  2. thanks :) I'll try and post the review today or tomorrow, I already have the pics, I just need to write about it :)
    hehe, I'm not gonna say anything concerning the number of cents in there, I'll write it in my next post ;) thansk for commenting :D