Saturday, 25 September 2010

Ins and Outs!

Wow, I'm on a role now. I guess it's to make up for the lack of posts during the week. Anyway, I decided to try this out, as so many people do it and I always think of my own lists whilst reading. goes


*MeMeMe Poppy Tint
I LOVE this, as you can tell from my review on it :)
*Glee Season 2 Songs
Toxic and Stronger are amazing, as are practically all those songs, but those two are making me love Britney Spears again
*Diorshow Iconic mascara
I know I blogged about it saying I'm not all that keen on it, but compared to the Rimmel and Maybelline ones I've been using since dropping it under my bookshelf, I'm really missing it!
*Playing the piano
After aquiring some great sheet music (The Crisis by Ennio Morricone and assorted other pieces that I got in a Film Scores sheet music book from my parents:) ), my love for playing the piano has returned after being tired of it this summer
I love my tights! And now that it's appropriate to wear them again, I'm gonna wear all of them (except maybe the neon pink ones - that would be really cruel to Luka(guy sitting next to me), I mean how much pink can a guy take?! Already poor bloke's sitting next to me, the girl who manages to get something pink in whatever she's wearing!
*Sleek Gel Liner
This has replaced all my liquid liners cause it gives me a much more consistent line than the others and I actually even got even flicks yesterday!

*Longchamp Le Pliage Totes
Ok, these have been 'trendy' for years in Luxembourg, but I hate them. First of all, I think they look like old ladies bags and the amount of girls who use them as school bags have me practically growling whenever I see them! They just really annoy me for some reason as they are really overused, cause every third person has one here aaaargh
*German-French Translations
Urgh, just kill me now, these are torture.
*Garnier Roll-On Under eye concealer
This has stopped working lately so I've got eye bags on show :(

So far that's all I can think of and hope it's interesting to everyone. I may not be able to update tomorrow as I have loads of homework to catch up on and then I'm finally going to see Inception with my mates :) xx

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  1. Could you maybe do a tutorial on how to get the best out of the Sleek gel liner because IT JUST WON'T WORK FOR ME and it makes me a sad Dani :( I bought a slanted liner brush and everything and either I can't get enough colour payoff, it just goes grey and weird and the line isn't even or clear enough :(