Saturday, 25 September 2010

Making my own nail varnish!

Yeah, I'm not a pro in a lab, I just did as many other beauty bloggers did and mixed some pigment with clear nail varnish, as you can do by following this nifty tutorial although this's a pretty good post as well!

So basically I did it using Barry M's Pink Gold (3) and a random french manicure clear nail varnish and this....was the result.

The colour is definitely gorgeous, but I think I used too much pigment and not enough nail varnish so the consistency isn't fantastic and it's chipping already, so note to all you people ready to try this: Don't use too much pigment!

So next time I try this, I'll try and do it a little better (and neater!) and I'm looking forward to it as Barry M has some lovely colours with hints of different ones, so I'm anxious to try out some other colours.


  1. I should try this too, thanks for sharing (=

  2. haha if you do watch out that you don't use a colour that's too bright, i did and it stained my fingernails AND was difficult to remove x