Wednesday, 1 September 2010

What's this? A post!

Buongiorno! I mean, Bonjour! Sorry my mind is still in the transition of changing from Italian to French (which is really giving me a lot of brain farts* because I keep on speaking Italian in France, well, what little Italian I know)

*brain fart -> when Naty's brain just goes 'bleeegrh' and shut down momentarily. happens frequently and gives Naty a dead look on her face)

Anyways, first of all thankies to my two new followers, Naomi (my cousin! :D) and yoetke! Which reminds, thank you to Cafe Bellini who was my first follower who isn't a friend/doing it as a favour ;)

So unfortunately I have no images for you today as I am without my photoshop, and as I'm anal like that, I can't put unedited (ie sharpened) on here. Sorry, I inherited slight OCD from my mum.

Moving on, shock horror! I went to the beach today for the first time (after being stuck up a mountain and by a lake, though the latter was fun) without make up. Yeah, I couldn't really be bothered considering it would all run down my face and I would just look awful. really awful.

So hopefully at one point, I will be able to go to Nice, which hopefully has a Sephora ( I shall check) which, according to french Glamour, stocks Sleek makeup!!!!

Speaking of french Glamour, their unneccessary use of english words was starting to annoy me.

Case in point : ...Snoop Dogg, le king de West Coast. Now, would it hurt using roi? Not really. I get it when they use words such as le red carpet, but really, king was just lazy...

On that note, I bid you all farewell.

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