Saturday, 25 September 2010

Outfit of the Day!

The first one, yay! Well, I'm just gonna try experimenting with this, cause generally, my outfits tend to be a bit repetitive and/or boring (like the days when I just wear jeans and a sweatshirt)

So here's my outfit from yesterday, which I wore to school:) Haha yeah, as a side note, we don't have uniforms which can be a pro and a con. The con being that way the rich people can't show off their designer stuff and annoy all us lesser mortals.

Excuse the dirty mirror and messy room, please! I only cleared it all up today, which took a total of four and a half hours! But anyway, on to the outfit, it's quite summery and I'm not sure whether I pulled it off with the tights, so let me know if it doesn't look season appropriate!

So, anyway the top is from Primark, cardigan from H&M, skirt from Jane Norman (reduced from £32 to £9.50!) and tights from Matalan. Haha, that's my all-english outfit.

And now with the woolly cardy/cape and hat that I wore instead of a coat.

Erm, yeah, as you can see my style looks rather...ecletic like this, to be honest I'm suprised no one stared (as it is custom to wear boring clothes here). I suppose wearing it with normal orange converse (yeah I know, doesn't go, but I was in a hurry) isn't as scandalous as pink doc martens.

So the cape/cardigan and hat are both from Primark and I bought them on saturday (as opposed to the other stuff all being june/july stuff) and I love them, especially the hat, it's so soft! As for the scarf, it's a christmas pressie from my best friend from a few years ago.

So that's it for my ootd, hope it was successful :) xxx


  1. I love your original style. So neat!

  2. I neeeeeed that cape/cardigan it's lovely! Your outfit is adorable and very you, I don't think it's too summery :) xx

  3. @Steph, thank you! xx
    @Dani hehe you do need it :) Although in doubt you could always ask nicely to borrow it....:P xx