Saturday, 4 September 2010

Just a little update

Hey everyone :) This here's just a little update with some information and random news.

First of sister got engaged yesterday! So it's pretty much a cool atmosphere round here.

Second of all, on thursday I went to Nice and went in both of the Sephoras and french Glamour lied to me, I didn't see any Sleek makeup in sight. I did see a lot more choice than in my local Sephora, such as a Benefit Brow bar, Too Faced stand AND Bobbi Brown as well! I wish I had had more than 10€ with me, but unfortunately that's all I bought. Yesterday, I went to Monaco with the intention of getting to look around the Sephora there wasn't meant to be as I felt really ill and had to come back early. So yeah, I've got a cold whilst in the sunny south of France. FML, you could say.

Thirdly, thank you so much to my two new followers chlo.sarge.14 and Confessions of a Beautyholic whose blog you should really check out!

Fourthly, I did actually make a purchase whilst in Nice...but from Claire's Accessories. I was toying between one of their eye makeup look palettes and some falsies but ended up choosing the palette. And I know, as a serious makeup addict, I should really buy more from better quality brands but I liked the look of the palette, so I got it and it was only 9.95€ anyway.
I can't find any pictures on google, but as soon as I get home, or if I'm still sick for a couple of days, I'll do swatches and stuff!

Right, I'm off to go find some more blogs to read. Hopefully I'll feel better the next time I blog!



  1. ohh wow congrats to your sis!<3
    i love sleek:),if only sephora were in the uk!

  2. I love sleek as well! Haha I wish Superdrug and Boots were in luxembourg and if I had to choose between Sephora or trhe others, I'd go with Boots/Superdrug! But you're not missing much because sephora stocks brands like Nars, Chanel, Dior, UD, Benefit, etc....all brands you can get in the UK aside from Sephora itself but that brand charges a bit too much for what it is. Thanks for commenting <3

  3. Aww.. you are so sweet!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. I agree, I'd stick with Boots/ Superdrug as well! Sephora's overpriced in Luxembourg, sadly. Ooo and thank you for mentioning my engagement ;) xxxxx