Sunday, 5 September 2010

Review: Claire's Accessories Natural Tutorial Booklet

A post! That can mean only one thing...Naty's still poorly. Bad for me as I can't tan and have to stay inside but good for all my followers! Anyway, on to the product I'm reviewing. I do know that Claire's aimed more to tweens/early teens, but I'm always open-minded to finding a little gem in otherwise not incredibly substantial makeup, so I bought it.

So with this little booklet, costing 9.95€, you get instructions for the specific makeup look in every language from English to German, Dutch, French, goes on and on.

So as you can see, the instructions are pretty sparse once you take away all the foreign language, ech step is about one sentence. Now, I tried doing the steps the other day with their brush and it wasn't all that great. I would post the end result, but I look pretty abysmal at the moment and being on holiday, I didn't pack my foundation, which I don't use, and I think I would need that to help cover up my now blotchy skin.

Included in this little book/box is an eyeshadow base, four shimmery eyeshadows, an eyepencil, a two-in-one spongetip applicator and a brush, a mini mascara and finally a lipgloss. Not bad for 10 Euros, I guess.

(from l-r: eyeshadow base scenic view, sandy beach, pinky swear, naturalista and semi sweet)

So the base is quite shimmery and glittery, but actually quite good. All the other shadows are applied over it and as you can see, they're quite pigmented, contrary to what they look like without a base. As for the colour selection, in the pan 'pinky swear' looks a lot pinker than it is actually on skin, where it just looks white with a tiny shade's difference from 'sandy beach'. 'Semi sweet' is a lovely metallic looking colour which looks quite similar to Too Faced's Push-Up from their Natural Eye palette. All in all, quite impressive for Claire's, which is basically a tween brand.

This time, I've added the liner and the lipgloss to my hand as well and I suppose they're pretty decent as well. I'll go over them with more details individually.

The eyeliner is really not bad, but rather bland and basic. It has that really hard pencil feel to it, which I'm not very keen on, as I prefer the softer feel of the Urban Decay 24/7 Liners. As far as pigmentation goes, also quite good, but then again nothing special.

The two-in-one brush and sponge applicator, as I said before, aren't great either. The brush bit is basically useless and you're supposed to use it for blending, although how you can mange that and get a good result, I don't know. Sponge isn't that bad, I just prefer using brushes to pat the shadows on my eyelids anyway, so these won't be getting any use out of me.

The mascara is well....basically like a freebie you get in Mizz or Shout, so again, aimed at younger people, which is what I expected, so basically, this does nothing to your lashes at all, except make them blacker.

In typical Claire's fashion, the lipgloss is glittery with a very subtle pink tone to it. And by glittery, I mean REALLY glittery. I'm not all that keen on glitter on my lips, so I might give this a miss as well.

All in all, the palette's not actually that bad, I'm quite pleased with the eyeshadows and especially with the base, I'm not sure how long lasting it is, so I'll have to test that out, but if you're starting out with makeup and want a natural look, this is pretty decent.

Ok, so excuse any typos or less than stellar descriptions, I'm off to make myself another drink and drown myself in melancholy whilst my siblings get browner by the minute. Haha just kidding about the drowning part ;)

nat xx


  1. you're just 16 and u know so much about make up haha i am 24 and still clueless

  2. haha thanks :) I guess me being obsessed with makeup results to well knowing a lot about it :) thanks for commenting :D xx