Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Year of the Jewellery

So for China it may be the year of the rabbit, but for me, this year is definitely the year of the jewellery! This year I have finally started loving jewellery and being more girly with accessories. I used to NEVER accessorize but lately, my sister has been wearing very girly jewellery so I decided to do as I always do and imitate her (they do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...or something).

And just another note, about my absence (again...), I have four test next week, one of which is german literature history (Barock, if you're curious) and that entails...a lot of learning. I failed the last one by two points cause I only learnt the day before but today I am turning over a new leaf and I WILL get better marks in this one, especially I've felt I understood it quite well and it really interests me. And then all the other tests, aside from maths, are basically learning off by heart so I may not be posting frequently until the holidays, so bear with me (please!).

Back to the subject on hand, I thought I would make a post showing all the jewellery I have recently acquired, whether it be online or for christmas, here it all is!

I store my small jewellery collection in this pot that my nan gave me for Christmas last year(she has a knack for choosing gifts that are always useful yet cute at the same time!).

For the moment all my necklaces fit in here, but I think if I get a few more, I'm going to have to start pulling out old jewellery cases that I've never used.

[Champagne Kisses; Six at C&A;Champagne Kisses;H&M;essbeevee]

Here we have my most recently bought necklaces. I've only linked to the handmade ones that I got online as the C&A and the H&M ones probably don't exist anymore (just checked on H&M's site and they don't have it, but it might still exist instore).

So I already posted about this necklace here but I can say with great certainty that this is my favourite necklace at the moment and I wear it every day!

This necklace is from C&A and I got it from my brother for Christmas. You're probably thinking 'Wow, your brother has good taste!' but I was actually with him when he bought it hehe...

My second necklace from Champagne Kisses, I've put a link to its page underneath the first picture and this one is GORGEOUS. I wore it on Saturday last week along with my other CK necklace and you can layer both of them and it looks quite nice! I shall have to take a picture when I next wear it so you can all see what it looks like on.

This H&M necklace was also for Christmas, but in my stocking and I like this one a lot as well, but I don't wear it as often as I do the others as I've seen a few people with it and I like looking a bit more individual. It's a stupid quirk of mine, although my purse is probably happy about that quirk as it means I don't fork out that much on clothes over here as so many people wear the same things!

Finally, my necklace from essbeevee (also linked). I've done a post with a picture of this as well here for those who want to see what it looks like on!

[C&A ring; unknown necklace]

I got this ring from my brother for Christmas as well and it's just so gorgeous! I'd wear it more often but I wore it to school once and it got in the way of writing so I had to take it off cause I have a thing abou writing neatly (although I don't honestly have a neat writing..)

Here's a pic that my sister took (with her iPhone..pff them iphone freaks ;)) on Christmas Day of me wearing it.

And then finally, this necklace I got from my grandpa a few years ago that I ended up breaking the chain (I have always been a clumsy person who breaks stuff) and als it's a bit dressy up-ish so I don't really wear it out as I don't have much of a night life ;)

Hope you all enjoyed that and let me know what YOUR favourite necklace is (especially if it's bought off an online shop - I love them!)


  1. Love all your jewellery pieces :) They look so pretty

  2. I love all your jewellery. I am so similar, because I love collecting pieces.
    So pretty!

  3. thanks for following! I find it so easy to by lots of jewellery because you don't have to stand in line for the changing room. i looove your collection of jewellery :)

  4. I love all of it but especially the big metal bow. I used to be jewellery and accessories junkie but Ive moved on to makeup.

  5. I love the big locket you can see in your jewelery box!