Sunday, 20 February 2011

Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner

Yes..finally! A couple of weeks ago, I discovered my sleek ink pot gel liner had dried out. Then I stupidly added baby oil to it, which didn't help so I decided, as I was going to Trier anyway, I would buy a Maybelline gel liner. Why not just buy it in Luxembourg? €12.99, no way! Besides, everything is cheaper in DM in germany, so when I went there, I found it for €8.99, so I bought it there.

According to Boots website, you can get it for £7.99 or you can go to Superdrug, and get it for £5.99 as they currently have an offer to get it 2 pounds cheaper.
What I have noticed though on the UK websites is that it only exists in black...whilst in Germany, I had the choice between black, brown and navy. I chose brown as the image shows.

So an image on the side depicts what you have inside which is a brush and the liner itself.

So the eyeliner is in a sturdy pot which looks very neat and professional. It is a tiny bit misleading though as there isn't as much product in it as it would have you believe.

This picture shows what I just said, but despite this, there is still a reasonable amount in there. Also the eyeliner has these lovely little sparkles, that were a bit difficult to capture, but hopefully you can see them. They don't show as much when you have it applied on your eyes, so people who feel the sparkles would make them decide not to get it, have no fear!

It comes with a 'professional' eyeliner brush, which is actually quite decent. You could use this and get decent pay off, but of course, if you prefer a sharper line, you'd be better off using an angled liner brush.

I swatched this with the brush accompagnying it and my own angled liner brush (bottom) and whilst both give the same colour payoff, the angled brush gives a much more precise line. This stays on relatively long, although I think after about 8 hours, you might want to touch it up but still I love it.

As for the consistency, I feel it's a bit more of a cream liner than a gel liner, anyone else agree?

And here's my new practically every day EOTD look with this. One thing you do have to watch out for is that if you have oily lids, it can transfer to your crease a bit, but not as much as a pencil liner would.

So here the sparkles are a bit visible, but generally they're not. All in all this is one of my new favourite products and it's definitely one of Maybelline's better products!


  1. I looked for this yesterday in Boots and couldn't find it, maybe it's not in store yet :( My Sleek gel has also tried out, I've been told putting it near heat, like a radiator helps but it's only a temporary solution. I don't know whether to get this or Mac's version, what do you think? xxx

  2. i haven't seen this in england at all yet, im quite excited though
    your eye looks BEAUTIFUL xx

  3. @Jessica hm well you could always get it online if you really want it? (but i would get it off superdrug, it's only six pounds on their site!) ah well, my sleek gel liner had been drying for ages, so i'll probably bin it. I'm not sure about the mac one as I haven't personally tried it but as this is so cheap, maybe try this one out first :) xxx
    @Sophie yeah I was thinking that it might just be available online although i do know when it came out here, there weren't any left for AGES so maybe that might be why. thank you! xxx

  4. I'll have to look for this but I bet it's sold out everywhere! The design of the pot is cute, I love the lid. And probably the small amount is better, so you don't throw so much away. Thanks for the alert on this one!

  5. I've seen it in our local Superdrug! It can only be a matter of time before it shows up everywhere I think.
    I really like how it complements your blue eyes :) xxxxx

  6. I love it too! That shade looks gorgeous!

  7. @Robyn, yeah it was sold out for AGES here =/ hopefully you'll find it :) it is really cute, agree with you there :) true tha. no problem :) xx
    @Dani true :) thankooo xxxxxxx
    @Beauty Addict thanks :) xx