Monday, 28 February 2011

Tag: Getting to know me

I was tagged by the lovely Jess to do this tag and thought, why not? I like tags so here goes :)

8 TV Shows I watch:
Take Me Out
Live At The Apollo
Come Fly With Me
Relocation, Relocation (shut up, I like property shows, ok?!)
Top Gear
Criminal Minds
Russell Howard's Good News

8 Favourite Places To Eat:
Any carvery
Fish and chip shop
Panzarotto (luxembourg place near my school - it's namesake and signature food, a panzarotte is to die for!)
Pizza Hut
Indian Restaurants

8 Things I look forward to
the day we do our play
doing languages and literature next year (fingers crossed)
next visit to England
eventually getting to see my sister again
going to Paris to improve my French
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 2
being 17 in June
Easter Holidays

8 Things That Happened Yesterday:

I went to this lecture about jobs as a hydrologist and toxicologist
I was bored to death at this lecture
I spent 4 hours trying to study for biology
I got quite upset doing this and started crying
I saw my crush briefly in the hallway at school (which doesn't happen often so whenever I see him I'm happy)
I got pissed off about my French test
I got a migraine which I still have
I found my Vaseline Lip Therapy

Things That I Love About Winter
When it's bitterly cold outside and then you go in a warm building/bus and the change in temperature
The snow
Darker Lips are trendy
Wearing thick coats and scarves

Things On My Wishlist
Pretty teadresses
Nars Orgasm (come on, who can resist wanting this?)
Decent brogues
Plain black high waisted skirt

Things I'm Passionate About
Film scores. I could discuss any of Hans Zimmer's work for some time.
Makeup, doh.
My opinions (sad truth, I am very opionated)
History (I am loving learning about Louis XIV, I know, I'm sad, but it's fascinating!)

Words or Phrases I use a lot
Putain merde alors!
Oh my god (in a very stupid voice)
C'est pas graaaaaavvvveee
Bloody hell

Things I've learnt from the past
Telling someone how you feel is not always a good idea.
Things do happen that you can't control and you can't always blame yourself for them
Optimism is key
Do your own thing because in the end, even it's hard, it's still much better than being a lemming

8 Places I want to visit
Further north of England than London
Venice (again)
Paris, more extensively, which I shall be doing

Things I want or need
A certain guy whose name shall not be revealed
Good grades in French and German
Some more jewellery
A haircut
Nice hair products
Good skincare products

8 bloggers I'm tagging
So I'm uncreative and lazy at the mo, so I'll tag everyone who reads this and IMPLORE you to do it and post a link so I can be nosy about you, pleaseeee!!

PS The things that happened yesterday happened on Monday. Sad how even this took ages to do

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