Monday, 21 February 2011

Sleek Good Girl divine Palette

Yes, I know everyone and their mum has blogged about this and I think as it's limited edition, it might not be sold anymore? Not sure. Anyway, I got this palette for Christmas from my lovely sister who knows how much I love pink and so consequently, bought this for me.
So blingy cover aside, this has the usual ....sleek packaging to it that the other divine palettes have. I love the look of these but in reality, they get dirty real quickly, which my sunset palet will prove to you when I post about that.

So onto the Anyone who adores pink/coral/orange/red or any of that, this palette is for you! Personally, the orange pink ones are the colours I adore the most as well as the raspberry shade.

So what Sleek added to their palettes, starting with this and the Bad Girl one is shade names. I love all the name choices although some of them (Sorbet, Peach Melba and Raspberry Coulis) are making me crave ice cream. Badly.

You don't need me to tell you how pigmented these are without primer. All of them show up quite well, with perhaps the exception of Lychee and Meringue (another one making me hungry and I've just eaten!), although funnily enough, these two showed up better WITHOUT primer.

And here we have them swatched over UDPP in Eden. Perhaps that's why they didn't show up as well, I'll have to try over UD's normal primer potion.

I have to admit, somehow I didn't like the formular of these as much as I like the Sunset palette's formular. For some reason, the Sunset eyeshadows are smoother and softer to the touch. But these eyeshadows are still really easy to blend together so I still like them a lot.

Here's my FOTD from Christmas where I used this palette, as you can see the colours are easily blended and make for a lovely sorbet-ish look.

Here are pics which were taken in the evening, so several hours after applied and as you can see, the colours are a little fainter, but still quite bright. Then again, my lids are a bit greasy, so if you have dry lids, they might not fade as quickly.

Anyone else own this palette and if you do, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it :)


  1. i loev these colours, they all look fab!

  2. @Pretty Wonderful, they are fab :) I <3 em too xx