Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Christian Dior S/S 11 Paris Inspired FOTD

Today, after watching the new Glee episode (by the way, I'm loving Don't You Want Me by Rachel and Blaine at the mo, it's so catchy! I love 80s!) I somehow managed to go onto and looking at the S/S 2011 beauty trends ( I know, I'm late, but that's how I roll) and then I was looking at Christian Dior's S/S 2011 backstage pics and I loved the makeup, so I decided to inspire myself. More specifically, I decided to try and imitate these two pictures.


Of course, I know my look is nothing like it but I decided to try the gist of it, so full brows, red lips and green eyes, although the lips aren't matte and my liner is too thick, but oh well. Oh and I tried pinning back my hair to create a full fringe, but that just epically failed, as the picture will show.

Ok, so ignore the blunder that is the fringe. In hindsight, I didn't really look closely at the pictures (in fact, all I did was look quickly then rush upstairs to get working) so it's not exactly spot on, but then it never would be as I'm not a professional makeup artist. Must admit, I love the concept of full brows, although it looks a bit too full on on me! That's why I envy people with lighter hair, they can create full brows so easily and it won't be overbearing on their faces.

And now with the disasterous mock fringe gone.
So the products I used are from the Strictly Come Dancing palette that I got for christmas from my grandparents which I got yesterday as they were away at the time of xmas.

And finally, a picture of me in my new hat that I bought yesterday from H&M :) I'm off to watch Beauty and the Beast: The Ugly Face of Prejudice now, anyone else following it?


  1. Love this post! Please do more inspired looks, I think you pulled it off beautifully, and even the 'fringe' looked nice :D xxxx

  2. Wow, I think you did a fab job at creating the look :)


  3. It's lovely :) Love your lipstick, wish I suited lipstick like you do!

  4. I really loved this inspired look! It's really pretty!

    -Jen x

  5. This is awesome!! I love the eyes. What colour did you use for the lids?

  6. Ooh this looks great on you! 'Rolled' fringes are SO hard to do, but there's some good tutorials on youtube if you ever decide to try it again!

    I'm a huge fan of full brows anyway, but I really think they suit you! xxx

  7. @Dani merschi :) I think I shall, it beats thinking up new looks and also loved some of the other looks on CD's backstage pics lol the fringe was a bit of a disaster though xxxxxxxxxxxx
    @Jo thank you :) xxx
    @Rosie thanks! I'm sure lipstick suits you as well, lippie suits everyone surely? xx
    @Jen thanks :) xx
    @Alicia I used a colour from my Strictly Come Dancing makeup palette which is exclusive to england I think but it's similar to a Sephora colour I have so if it's a dupe, I'll let you know! xxxx
    @franki thanks :) oooh I didn't think of that, silly me, thanks for suggesting it :) I'll try and make it more realistic next time haha thanks :) I love them as well but not entirely sure whether I could pull em off in the daytime :P xxxx

  8. Wow, those first two pictures are beautiful and you did a really good job copying the look! :)

  9. i wish i suited a bright lip as well as you :(
    fab summery look to choose! xx

  10. @Courtney, thanks :) xx
    @Maike, thank you! I love them as well and tried my best although there are a few things I could improved, but never mind :) xx
    @Sarah, thanks :) I'm sure bright lips suit you as well, yeah it is isn't it? xx