Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Strictly Fabulous Cosmetics Case 'Salsa Palette'

Following yesterday's review of the Latin palette, I'm continuing with the Salsa palette.
This palette is the bright one. I'm real glad I got this at this time cause now I'm feeling motivated to start wearing more colour as it's Spring soon, which I cannot wait for. As you can see, the eyeshadows aren't diamond formed, but circles with 4 having patterns on them, which are already vanishing due to use.

Again, we have a silver shade here and in this palette, there are some matte colours, such as these two lovely greens. The second green (which I used in my Dior inspired FOTD) may not look matte but when swatched and on the eye, it is. The pink is shimmery like the silver and the first lipgloss isn't as orange as the picture depicts, it's actually more of a gold colour with sparkles. The second lip colour is a bright red, but with a bit of shimmer and not as orange based as the one in the first palette.

Again, the blush is shimmery and actually a bit pale for me, as it doesn't show up extremely well on my skin. I'll try and see whether the intensity builds up when you layer it, which I think is a good possibility.

Again, we have two matte and two shimmery shades here. Surprisingly, the matte colours are incredibly pigmented, which surprised me as they're generally a lot weaker than the shimmery ones and need a lot of building up. The shimmery blue is a gorgeous duochrome blue/turquoise and the first lip colour is a shimmery coral and the second is actually quite a neon pink, which it didn't look like it would be in the pan. The pink is very similar to the first pink, but slightly paler.

Again, the eyeshadows are really pigmented, although some are a bit crumbly, like the first palette. The blush doesn't show up at all on the first picture, but does a bit better on the third picture. All in all, I definitely like this palette as the colour selection is good and not too much of the same colours, so I look forward to trying out some looks with this!


  1. Wow, such a pretty palette!! Love it <3

  2. The yellow and blue look insanely pigmented for mattes! Wow.

  3. Ahh! my eyes hurt! But with some careful application and blending these would be gorgeous. Maybe the blush could double as a highlighter? xxx

  4. @Nicole yeah it's lovely :) x
    @The Student's Guide to Nail Polish, I know right! I wasn't expecting them to be like that and then it was like oh WOW! x
    @Phoebs haha yeah they are real bright. I agree, I have no idea how to use em though but I'll think of something. Oooh true that, thanks for the suggestion! xx