Saturday, 7 August 2010

Urban Decay Book Of Shadows II and Primer Potion in Eden

So, as promised, here's my review and swatches on Urban Decay Book of Shadows II and their Primer Potion in Eden.

I'll start with the BoS, which is, packaging wise, quite bulky and won't fit in my toolbox, so it lives in a Sephora bag. It's got a booklet with it, which I don't really use, cause it's just about the favourite makeup looks of the founder and isn't really that healthy.

So the packaging might make it a pain to lug around, but the colours sure as hell make up for it!
Just a side note, I didn't bother taking a picture of the PP that came with it cause I've already got a few of those.

Now, the colours are gorgeous. As with all the UD products, they're of impeccable quality and really pigmented. My favourites have got to be Sellout, a beautiful nude colour with a bit of shimmer, but not too much, which I love using when I'm doing real simple makeup, Half Baked, the perfect bronze colour, althought a bit similar to Too Faced's Honey Pot, which you get in the Natural Eye palette, and Jinx, which is just a perfect summer colour.
Of course, that's not to say that I dislike the others, these are just the ones that stand out for me. I have to say though, my least favourite is Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, which is just too glittery for me.

(l-r top row: jinx, flipside, homegrown, misdemeanor, half baked, twice baked, midnight cowboy rides again, YDK
bottom row: nylon, sellout, mushroom, sphynx, perversion, gunmetal, ecstasy, AC/DC
eyeliners in zero and bourbon)

Now, next we have their Primer Potion in Eden, which I bought in Sephora for €17. First of all, the packaging is cute, but not very good. I put it in my toolbox, only to discover a couple of days later that it was shedding.

Can you see that? So obviously, if you buy this, you need to take seriously good care of it if you want to keep the packaging as it is. I'm not sure if the other PPs are like this, I'd have to buy another one to see that and at the moment, I ain't paying Sephora's prices.

Anyway, application. You have to watch out with this one to put as little as possible on your eyelid and then add more if you need it, cause I've often found that using the brush once on your eyelid is more than enough.

So there you can see it when applied and then blended. It's quite good coverage, a typical matte nude colour, a bit like as if you put concealer on your eyelid. My eyeshadow certainly stays on for a while, with a few exceptions such as Sephora's Green Idylle Palette, but nevermind.

So that's it for my Urban Decay products, aside from the nailvarnishes, which I have yet to try all of them out.

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  1. I love how you refer to your make-up box as your 'toolbox' - further enhancing the idea of you as a make-up artist! I think this post could benefit from you showing off some of your Urban Decay-created looks? I was looking through some old photos and your eye make-up is always so striking :)