Thursday, 5 August 2010

And I'm Back!

...with loads of goodies :D Basically, I spent most of my time in England either in various Superdrugs or Boots. It was fun.

I know, I spent a loooot of money.

So, some more detailled pictures of what I got now, and in the next week, I'll try and review them all individually, but I can' promise anything as the doctors have started using me as their guinea pig again (as in, I gotta go for various scans and stuff..not experimental crazyness.)

Squee! I love Too Faced and this Natural Eye Palette has since become my favourite item for the moment. Mind you, at £22.50, it should be worth it, which thankfully, it is.

So I actually got these on the Norfolkline ferry at £15.00, which was rather spontanious, as I wanted to get the two Pocket Rocket lip glosses for £18.50 but I was £1.50 short. damn, but oh well, these are lovely and a great way for me to expand my nail varnish collection!

A travel make up brush kit from Ms Make Up from TK Maxx. I think I got it for...£3.99? I forgot :P

Ah, MUA. Officially now an ILY brand. See that lipstick? Incredible. The others aren't bad, but only costing £1 each, I'm not about to complain about value for money.

Eyeshadow brush from Superdrug

Ok, the picture is crap and won't let you see the colour, but I think it's Kingfisher Blue, I'm not entirely sure anymore and it cost £4.50

and last but not least, Sleek Sunset palette and eyeliner gel! I think the palette cost £5.99 and the eyeliner around £2 ? Not sure, anyway, I don't wanna calculate how much I spent on all this

So tomorrow, I'll try and do some reviews of this stuff and be a little more active :)


  1. Oh I do love your posts sister darling! Could you maybe try out a couple of make-up looks on me using the Too Faced palette at some point? Pweeeease?

  2. Maybe, if you're nice to me ;) x

  3. Looks like you've had a great time in England ;D Great haul! Can't wait till I go to London and make up shopping there ♥ x