Monday, 26 July 2010

Sephora Green Idylle Palette

About half a year ago, I was in Sephora and I found this in the sales. Seeing as it only cost a fiver and the colours were pretty nice, I decided to buy it. I am pretty pleased with, but not for the reasons I expected. I adored the eyeshadow creams and didn't think much of the blush and the lip paint at first, but then, after using it a few times, I realised that it was actually the other way round. Anyway, on to the pictures now.

So basically the palette is four eyeshadow creams in blue, green, bronze and copper. And then you have a nice cream blush and a dark pink lip paint.

You can't see it very well, but there's a pic to show you how to use the various creams, which I didn't really stick to.

Yeah, it's been used quite a bit.

So here's the colours swatched.

from l-r: lipstick/gloss, blush, bronze, copper, green and blue.

Using the eyeshadow creams is a bit tricky so I just used my fingers. I tried to recreate the look they have on the back of the palette, which is a little difficult as it wasn't very clear, but I tried my best.

Here's a close up of my eye, just excuse the terrible blending ><
So yeah at the beginning everything seems fine. Good, even. And then, twnety minutes later, disaster strikes (haha, I couldn't resist saying that.) Creasing. EVERYWHERE. Even with UDPP and I tried it with the normal one and with Eden, yet it creases with both of them.

Ok, you can't tell really well with this picture, so I zoomed and cropped one of my eyes for the next picture.

As you can see, it fades except for on the creases, which isn't really attractive. And that's only after twenty minutes, so imagine after a whole day...

But anyway, the blush is really quite good, you can use your fingers or a brush, they both work really well. The lippaint is lovely as well, but I don't use it that much because I get practically the same shade with Barry M's Touch of Magic.

So as a final conclusion, I have to say it was quite a bargain, considering it's from Sephora and that place isn't cheap. That being said, I am disappointed in Sephora because if you're gonna fork out a lot, you don't really want creasing so that doesn't really impress me.

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