Wednesday, 18 August 2010

More film talk

Wow, I'm back after disappearing off the face of the earth! But why was I gone for a couple more days? Well, I got lucky and got to be an extra in a different movie, making it now my fourth one this year.
Exhausted? Completely.
This time, I spent two days in a pool bar for a french movie which was...eventful, you could say.

WARNING, I may go off on a rant here because the crew wasn't that impressive. First of all, I take back whatever I may have said that was bad about the film I did two days before this one, because , director and cameraman's spats aside, they were professional and nicer to the extras than this lot.

Example number 1: I have to walk across the room before one of the main actors runs along, dragging this kid he's kidnapped with him, and then the kid's dad runs after them. One lady playing pool blocks my way and I miss my cue. Shoved aside by not one, not two, but THREE people, being the actors and camera man running after them, they immediately yell CUT after that. I apologise, saying someone was blocking my way so I couldn't get out of the way soon enough. They all act as if I fucked the scene up majorly ( pardon the language here) and it was all my fault that they'd have to shoot it again. Which they would have had to have done anyway, because the director was extra fussy and wanted them to do every shot 10 times anyway. And no one bothered apologising. Those shoves freaking hurt but no, nobody has the decency to apologise.

Example number 2: They tell everyone that it's the dinner break for extras, we get to the food tent only to find out that no, we can't go in there, the crew has to go first. So some of us just left and went to a kebab place to eat, which was better than the muck they would have served us.

Example number 3: Just outside of the room we're shooting in is a food table, but oh wait, it's only for the crew and actors and our food is by the make up tent. Say what?! That's a five minute walk away AND they refused to give us breaks, they had us working from 16 to 21 o'clock without ANY breaks and they didn't even have the decency to hand around cups of water.

Another reason I disliked this film was this complete creeper who just stared at me nonstop and told me I was beautiful (ok, if he stopped at that, I'd have been flattered). Then I had the misfortune to have to sit with him during the scene and after finding out I'm only SIXTEEN and he's TWENTY-EIGHT, he still kept staring at me and as I recognized him from the other film I was in, I asked him politely which he preferred and he said this one because he met me. Okaaaay...And then he went on to ask me questions such as where I lived (I answered veryyy vaguely), what my dad did, whether I had facebook (I lied on this one and said I stopped using it), whether I was shy cause I wasn't talking much and whether I had a boyfriend. I lied again and said yes, because he was really making me feel uncomfortable. THEN he asked how old my 'boyfriend' was, and whether I wanted to marry my 'boyfriend'(????!!!!!)

So yeah, he just creeped me out and even after I sort of ignored him, he kept on staring, which was freaky in itself cause he just looked at me with his mouth sort of opened slightly, even when I talked to him which was creepy and just uurrrghh.

The only good thing about this movie was that the makeup artist was absolutely lovely, she was really pleased with the eye makeup that I'd done before hand (Too Faced Natural Eye Palette Fashion look - I'll post all three looks with my review when I do them) so she let me keep my eye makeup and she basically did concealer on my under eye bags (with YSL's Touche éclat and some product of Dior!!! I didn't catch the name of it though) and then lipliner and lipgloss. When I saw what she was doing, I thought 'Isn't that a big nono?' but she just did a very nude lipliner with some Clinique gloss :)

Anyway this post is dragging on so I'll post my pictures of Movie Number 1 in my next post.


  1. Hey that is so cool! I've always be an extra in a film and see what it's like!

  2. Yeah it is pretty cool :) Exhausting though and you have to be prepared to know that there are never definite hours. Like if they say 7 til 3, you could run an hour late because the shot wasn't good or you could finish early, it all depends on how competent the crew is :) and sometimes itm ight not seem worth it for the money you're being paid (sometimes can be worked out at like €4/hour), but the experience is great :)