Saturday, 14 August 2010

Oh, to feel like a movie star

Well, technically, you could say I was a movie star, being in a movie, but as an extra it doesn't count as you're the lowest in the movie hierarchy, aside from runners, that is, so technicalities don't count. Seriously, sometimes, depending on the niceness of the crew, you can be treated like scum.

So anyway, I was pleasantly surprised yesterday, because although my outfit made me look like my gran, except with a turban as well (?????? please tell me how turbans are relevant to the european 19th century fashion), I did get some nice make up. MAC make up, to be exact. One of the MUAs on set basically did my face with just MAC products, aside from some l'oreal mascara.

I haven't got any pictures for this post because my computer's being as arse and my dad's one has no photoshop so I can't resize my pics. But when I do post the pictures, I'll try and detailledly explain how she did the makeup.

On to the film in question, they had us there from 19 till 4am. Then I got home and finally went to bed at 5am. phew.

I've got to do it again today so I won't blog until maybe tomorrow evening, when I've recovered from the lack of sleep, haha. Just a tip to anyone who ever does through the night filming, even in August : Bring a jumper and slippers, especially if you're wearing heels.

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