Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Strictly Fabulous 'Salsa Palette' FOTD

Hiya everyone!

A while ago, I promised that I would do FOTDs using my Strictly Fabulous Cosmetic Case. As I already did the Ballroom FOTD a while ago, I'd do the Salsa Palette one now.

I was looking forward to this one because of the brigh matte shades and I wanted to try something à la Liloo who blends all her eyeshadows together fantastically. Whilst I didn't achieve something fantastic like she does, it did end up pretty decent so I took some snaps.

 The thing is, with my eyeshape, the eyeshadows are always hidden unless I have my eyes wide shut, so the full face pictures never show them well.
I tried a few eye shots but they were a bit tricky to do. Speaking of which, how do you all do your eye close ups? If anyone has any tips they'd be willing to share, it'd be much appreciated!

I barely ever post lip close ups cause of my upper lip hair, please ignore it!

It's a shame that my camera sort of muted the colours as this really was a lot brighter in reality. After a while though, the colours sort of blended together and didn't look as bright anymore and just like a mish mash of blues and greens.

And finally, my Crown & Glory rust bobby pin flower thing. I adore this, the colour is just stunning and really makes your hairdo look a lot more interesting!

I'll try and post soon but could be rather difficult as I'm going to my teacher's play tomorrow and getting up at 5.15 on Friday for a reallllyyy exciting trip to Paris. Not even real paris, so it'll be boring as hell!


  1. Ooh, that's gorgeous! You look awesome. And I have to say it, but everytime I read ' Oh La La Maquillage,' I imagine Rihanna singing it a la 'Whats My Name,' like, 'Oh la laa, ma-qui-llage!'

  2. Wow, this is so gorgeous. I love the eyeshadow colours and your kitten liner flick is making me super jealous (mine is messy). Love the lip colour as well...nice and bright.

  3. You eyes are amazing, and the makeup is lovely

  4. You're really pretty. The make up is unbelievably pretty. <3 x

  5. I love this look! I have the same cosmetics case but it's at home at the moment. Can't wait to play about with it when I'm at home in the summer now!