Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Crown & Glory Runner Up Prize

As some of you may or may not know, I was the runner up in Crown & Glory's giveaway and I received my prize, a pair of Russian Dull Button Bobby Pins. I got the package yesterday, I think. I'm not sure as my granddad forgot to check the post for the last few days so it may as well have been earlier, but last night, I went and checked the postbox and there it was!

So it arrived wrapped in the blue paper (used as background here) then in the striped paper bag, enclosed with a little note. I have to say, I adore how everything's so colour co-ordinated and matching with C&G labels everywhere, it just looks so adorable!

Sophie asked if I had a colour preference and me being me, I asked for pink and I love the colour! They're just so cute and I just love everything from that shop so these could be my least favourite colour but I'd still like them.

Here we have a selection of pictures of me wearing them. I had a bit of difficulty photographing them what with nobody being there to be able to photograph them and my hair being particularily big today. I tried to do an updo there, but I need to practice with the pins and everything.

Basically, these are really lovely and so simple to spruce up your hairdo! I also ordered the Pic & Mix bobby pin set as I adore all the flower bobby pins and was having difficulty choosing which I would like to order when these came out and it being a selection of three gorgeous colours, I couldn't resist!

I'll be posting about them once I get them, so watch this space! And as a little random thing, I created the poster for my drama class' play, if anyone wants to see it, I'd be glad to put it up, I'm actually quite proud!


  1. so cutes! very jealous. love your hair. xo.

  2. Very cute Nathalie! I hope you like the Pic n Mix set when it arrives; I posted it today! xo

  3. They are soo cute. Im going to check out the webpage now.

    If you haven't had a chance to already, please check out my "Dare to Wear for Charity". $10 per person who recreates a makeup look will go to help the people of Japan.

  4. That is so cute! I bought from Crown and Glory recently and my new flower comb is soooo beautiful - looking forward to seeing your pick and mix set as well :)

  5. The pins are way cute, and so are you! :)

    The Cat Hag

  6. Aaah yay for you!! They look lovely :) x

  7. These are SO cute, I love Russian dolls! I love your hair in that messy updo too :)

    Maria xxx