Sunday, 3 April 2011

Ins and Outs 002

Remember how ages ago, I tried the ins & outs post? And then promptly forgot about doing them (such as with the week in pictures..). I decided to try this again as you don't HAVE to do it every week and I can just do it on and off every few weeks, so there's less pressure on me to update this regularly.

+ Spring. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Spring. The warm but not too warm with slight rainshowers is beautiful in my eyes. I adore wearing my yellow mac, my spring dresses and most of all, the spring makeup colours! Although the last isn't that important as I don't usually conform to wearing winter colours in winter and et cetera... But I have decided to celebrate Spring's arrival with marbled pastel nail varnish!

+ Holidays. It's about time my school holiday came along and in two days, I will be free! Although it's more like tomorrow is my last school day as on Tuesday, most of my class will be in Paris, whilst me and one of my best mates shall spend the whole day in the library 'reading' or more appropriately, on the computer on Facebook or just reading magazines. Another thing I am looking forward to is going over to England to see my lovely sister Dani for her birthday (she's gonna be real old, she is! 23 phwoah :P )

+ Theatre. This will probably be an In until the practices of the week of our production, when I will probably be sick of it. For the moment, I'm really excited and can't wait to do our play!

+ My school results. My report card will come in the next week or so and I've done really well in some subjects, such as History and English, and I've also made amazing progress in German and I'm feeling all confident about making it for next year. I just need to work on my dissertation this next term and then I should be sorted. What makes me feel even better is that on Friday, my German teacher, when asked whether I'd make it (not that it was any of the boy who asked's business!), said that I was an ambitious girl and of course, I'd make it to do A next year.

- Class party. I'm not all that keen on certain classmates at the moment, so spending time with them (a few of them getting hammered) doesn't sound ideal at the moment. But as I'm travelling the next day, I can surely use that as an excuse to leave earlier. I would cancel but I already said I would go so I have to.

- Piano Exam. I am just not prepared for it, despite it being in May, I can feel the time ticking away.

- Early mornings. I am still recovering from getting up at 5.15 on Friday. Was not nice.

I think that's about all for now. Stay tuned, cause I intend on posting soon if I find my charger!


  1. great post! I'm reaaally looking forward to the holidays too ;)

  2. Love these types of posts!
    Great blog

  3. These types of post make me happy as I can sneak a peak into other peoples lives! Hee hee x

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    their store is upper level of belle etoile :) the end closest to habitat if i remember correctly!