Sunday, 20 March 2011

Where Are My Knees? Pledge

And another post! So if you're part of the British blogosphere, you've probably heard of Where Are My Knees?.
Gemma, Charlene, Sarah, Sarah V and Lucy are five bloggers who've decided to collaborate and create this blog to show their individual dieting and healthy eating methods.
Coincidentally, this started the same week that I decided that I want to start being a little healthier (the idea being born when my best friends and I were drinking hot chocolate and claimed we needed to lose weight. Course, they don't, I do).
The thing is, this is my first 'diet' thing. I've tried to be a bit healthier in the past, but it's never really worked, but lately I've decided that I want to slim down so I can stop feeling like a fatty and just be comfortable with myself. I'm a size 16 at the moment and I don't want to be the same size as my age. So going into details about this, I weigh 81.5kg and in the last year or so, I've lost about 3 kg. Lately whenever I lose weight, it's always about 1-1 &1/2 kgs and stays there. So to talk about that, I guess my PCOS needs to come into the game and because of that (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, for those who didn't know), I'm not only hairy but have also had difficulties to budge my weigh.
Of course, I won't use that as an excuse, I know my diet's been unhealthy and now I want to change that. Another factor that plays a part is that in Luxembourg, about 80% of the girls here are skinny. I'm probably the largest girl in my class and sometimes, it feels awful. A scene that I'll always remember is when my 'friends' were moaning about how fat they were and basically wanting someone to say 'No, you're not! You're a perfect size!'. Me being me, I said that then jokily said 'Besides, I'm the fatty here.' I'll confess, I was hoping someone would say I wasn't, but all I got was an awkward silence and a subject change. Lovely, isn't it? Honestly, it hurt and since then (a few years ago) I've been really conscious about my weight.
Lately I've improved a bit and accepted my body, but I still feel I need to lose weight.
So how to go about it? Well, I am a fussy eater, so I can't replace my food with salads and stuff, so I've decided I need to compromise. My plan was to write down what I eat each day and at the end of the week, see what I can leave out. So far this week, I have been bad: I've had quite a lot of crisps. Crisps are my downfall as I love them and always have done. Another difficulty is that in all the places to go for lunch near my school, hardly any are healthy so I've had some not so healthy stuff this week as well.
BUT:I have made progress : Usually for breakfast, I would eat cereal and sometimes that cereal isn't really that healthy.En plus, I'd get hungry by the time the morning break came along, so I'd buy some chocolate from the vending machine. Well, to rectify that, I've started eating a banana for breakfast and sometimes taking an apple to school. The reason I say sometimes is because usually my school has free apples so I'll sometimes get one from there.
Going on the apple overload, I've also decided for lunch I'll buy an apple from the supermarket near my school, so when I do that, I think I may alternate the fruit in the morning and maybe eat a clementine or something like that.
Another obstacle would be water. I don't generally drink water, which is bad. I've just not liked the taste, but I need to adapt to it, so I'm starting with flavoured water for now and cutting out fizzies during school, which is the easiest thing to get in our vending machines. That's actually appalling in itself as they should encourage us to be healthy.
As for sport, I'm undecided on that as of yet. I've never really been a sporty person, but my parents have an exercise bike so hopefully I will find the motivation to get on that more often.
This is just a little (long) post talking about my attempt to get healthier and fingers crossed it'll work this time!
Oh and for anyone interested in pledging for WAMK, they've done a nifty button which you can find on their site  and which looks like this:

Where Are My Knees?


  1. Go for it young 'un :) I have pretty much the same issues here, and i'm slowly but surely making a change :) we can do this my lovely! xxx

  2. I'm following their blog, and I've also started doing fitness posts on my own (other) blog. I'm not so much after losing weight, but definitely toning up and getting more comfortable with myself, and similar goals as you such as cutting out junk and definitely drinking more water. I think you've set good goals for yourself.

    If you want you can follow my personal/fitness blog, I'll be posting my tips and foods and stuff on there and you can share some stuff with me too if you like :) its

  3. hello! i pledged as well, and then found you through twitter :)
    im giving up on sweet things and bacon, ahh!
    good luck with this! :)

    Rosie xo

  4. been on a similar mission of late.some things are harder than others to change!
    good luck lady!!

  5. Well done for joining the pledge! I was reading some of the posts on Where Are My Knees today and I think I'm going to go for it too. I've been meaning to get fitter/tone up for ages but I have absolutely no interest in exercising AT ALL. I HATE IT!
    I think it's a good idea for people to post about this stuff on their blogs though, it's nice to know other people are in the same boat, plus it's good motivation when you know people are reading about your personal goals.
    Best of luck lovely! xxx