Saturday, 25 December 2010

Makeup Magpie #2 : Charles of the Ritz

Merry Christmas everyone! Turns out I have a little time today so I'm going to continue my makeup magpie series with this gorgeous little duo palette that I borrowed off my mum!

Now I have never heard of Charles of the Ritz, but according to my mum, they're better known for perfumes, but correct me if I'm wrong on this, I'm always open to learning more things! So I've just gone on wikipedia (my best mate haha) and according to this page first Charles of the Ritz belonged to Yves Saint Laurent, then to Lanvin and eventually was sold to Revlon and finally shut down in 2002.

Now from the outside this looks really boring and standard without a name on it, until you turn it around to look at the details.

First of all, I love the name of the actual eyeshadows, it sounds a lot interesting than 'shade 07 pink/white' and then once you open it...

Ok a little dusty but look at that stunning colour on the right! I fell in love with it at first sight, thinking 'this is my kinda pink!' and the white is nice as well and it has a bit of a pink highlight to it, so it's not completely white. I'm going to guess that the white is moonbeams and the pink granit rose, although google shows no results for this, so no confirmation on that part. I LOVE the texture of the granit rose one and how it's all kinds of colours, it's so unique compared to the other products I have.

Unfortunately, without primer, these aren't fantastic so I swatched with UDPP underneath so I could show you all how stunning these look as without priming doesn't do them justice. I especially adore the pink and have used it quite a few times and it's just a lovely colour.

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Hope you all enjoy your christmas and have a lovely day!


  1. In love with the one on the right

    looks like alladin rubies or something :D
    need some more shadows

  2. Wow awesome find. The best place to shop is in your mom's makeup drawer.

  3. Dont you just love stumbling across old makeup and giving it a try? My mum has stuff thats probably older than me that she just refuses to throw away. Love the pink shade on the left... it's the kinda colour I'd wear on my inner corner to brighten my eyes a little :)

  4. Ooooo I adore the warm pink, such a romantic colour. :)

  5. @Megan Blair so am I, when I first saw it I was just like 'oh woooooow!' :)x

    @Alicia haha so true! Especially when your mum doesn't use most of the stuff anymore xxx

    @Joy yeah I do! Haha my sis and I went through most of my mum's old stuff, the mascaras were awful! I can't describe the smells, we were pulling faces all the time! Ooh I haven't actually tried it like that but I will soon! xxx

    @Estefany they are, aren't they? x

    @Hannah it is, isn't it? :) xx

  6. These are beautiful colors! I used to wear Charles of the Ritz perfume in the burgundy bottle in the mid to late was enchanting! :) I always wanted to try their makeup especially this pastel sparkling pink blush I saw one time...and I never got to! :(