Saturday, 11 December 2010

Makeup Magpie #1 : L'Oreal Glam Shine Lipstick in Sexy Plum

As a little explanation to the title, today I noticed that I have a tendency to...borrow makeup off various family members and usually keep it (after checking they don't mind, of course!). So I've decided to make a little series where I review all these items that I didn't actually buy myself. Here we have the first in the series, a L'Oreal lipstick I found whilst rooting around in the bathroom cupboard a couple of weeks ago.

Here we have L'Oreal's Glam Shine Cream lipstick in 205 Sexy Plum.

The colour of this is plum (well, duh) with gold sparkles. It looks dark on the bullet but on the lips, it's quite sheer but easily buildable.

And now, for my favourite thing about this lipstick...its smell. It smells absolutely fantastic, I think it's probably plummy, but I don't really eat plums so I wouldn't really know (more of a tangerine girl!). Anyway it's fruity and reminds me of the christmas market here and smells so good it could make you want to eat it,but I wouldn't, because that is a waste of lipstick, nor is it healthy (seriously, I think I should be renamed Captain Obvious!)

Now for the swatch. On the left you have the lipstick swiped once and then on the right, you have it with several layers, so as you can see, easily buildable. I like this about the lipstick that you can either have it very subtle with one layer or if you build it up, a nice deep colour. Although in terms of the colour on my arm and lips, I'd say it looks more cherry than plum.

In the following picture, I've built it up a bit and as you can see, it is a tad darker than on my arm. Also another thing that I'm really happy about in this picture is that I managed to (painfully)wax my upper lip and I feel much more confident about the way I look now!

Hope you all liked it and tell me what you think of the magpie idea :) Now I probably won't update tomorrow (watch my video to find out;)) but will try to do so on Monday, most likely I will as I might be babysitting so I'll have time to waste. And after that, Tuesday I'll be busy packing for my trip to England until Saturday so I might be MIA till Sunday.


  1. Oooh, looks fantastic! I adore these little Glam shine lipsticks - only have a couple but if I'm in a rush it's something I'll always grab cos I know it looks good with pretty much any makeup look.

    The colour really suits you... and I love that kinda shade at this time of year ♥

  2. it looks so lovely on you! and your new layout looks amazeee xxxx

  3. I am in love. I hope we have that shade here in Canada

  4. @Joy thanks :) Yeah this is the first one I have, at first I thought 'Heh I thougth these were lipglosses..' but yeah turns out it was a lipstick :) Yeah it does go with a lot and it's so easy to apply as well. Thanks :) Yeah I'm really getting into the darker lipstick colours at the mo xxx
    @Sophie thank you (for both comment bits - saying thank you twice just makes this sound weird :P) xxx
    @Alicia, yeah it is gorgeous. I hope for you as well that you have it in Canada!xxx