Saturday, 11 December 2010

My first youtube video!

Hi everyone,
this here's my first youtube video which is just showing how I use the sleek gel liner, because dani asked me to show to use it as she wasn't getting any results.

I'd love comments telling me on whether you thought it was good or not or whether I should do more videos.


  1. Cute video! Have honestly never used gel eye liner, I usually take one look at it and think "Oh my, I'm going to get this EVERYWHERE" haha. Well done on your first video honey xxx

  2. YOU ARE SO ADORABLE! Thank you for the mention :D I may give gel liner another go tomorrow now! xxxxx

  3. love the flower in your hair--too cute! i would recommend not tugging on the outer skin of your eyes though--you're young now, but dont want wrinkles later;)

  4. Great video! Love your blog! Come visit me at

  5. fantastic vid - I find gel eyeliner a bit of a nightmare so I'll usually play around with it if I'm not actually going out anywhere, that way it doesn't really matter how it turns out! :)

    You made the application look incredibly easy and straightforward so I'm really looking forward to future video posts! (Possibly on blush application? Yours always looks extremely pretty and natural so it'd be great to see how you apply it) ♥

  6. what are you wearing on your nails? i love them!

  7. @Brittant Love, thanks :) I was a little bit intimidated as well, but as long as you do it slowly, it should work, although I do still get it everywhere when I get the brush on my hand and then consequently, two minutes later, my whole hand is full of balck smudges xx
    @Dani, thankooo :) xxxxx
    @Kaleido Mind, thank you :) It's from H&M if you're interested :)haha thanks for the tip, I'll keep that in mind! xx
    @Discombobulatedd, thanks! I'm loving your username, btw! xx
    @Halle Anderson, thanks! x
    @Joy, thanks :) Yeah I started out experimenting when I wasn't going out but eventually I managed to get it to work so I wear it out. Ok, next time I make a video which I'm not sure when that will be but I'll do it on blush if you want :) Although to be honest, I don't do all that much, but I'll do it anyway xxx

  8. Whoops forgot Alicia, sorry!
    I'm wearing my MNY nail varnishes, the blue and glitter ones :) xx