Saturday, 4 December 2010

My week in pictures

Way to jump on the bandwagon, much?! Oh well, I've been seeing these on more and more blogs and have been feeling tempted to do it as well, so here's my first go.

Surprise, surprise, a snowy picture. Who HASN'T had snow this week in Europe? This was taken whilst waiting for my bus at school with my mobile. The majority of these are phone pics, hence the bad quality. After all, not every has an iPhone, eh? (this is aimed at Dani, who likes posting her pretty iPhone pics on facebook the whole time :P )

Another snowy pic, this time of my untouched aside from the dog paw prints and if you look in where you can see the reflection of the window, you can see a notebook, which was me studying for French which consumed most of my time this whole week.

Oh hai there, is that a concert?! And wait a second, who's that on the piano? (Btw I'm really proud of this picture - turned out quite well compared to the rest)

Oh yep, it is, Elton John. On Thursday I was lucky enough to go see Elton John live and well, despite Elliot Minor having been my favourite performance so far, this has had to top that. I love Elliot Minor, but well, Elton John is a legend for a reason and Ray Cooper was phenomenal as a percussionist. You wouldn't expect a piano and drums to have that kind of atmosphere, but it did. Our seats were pretty cool as well as we were to the side of the stage and saw a bit of what was happening behind the stage (although it wasn't actual backstage)

A piccie of my dog Molly that I managed to snap before she rolls away/hides her face (doesn't like her pic taken for some reason..). This is her in her 'belly rub' pose, which is what she does when she rolls on her back basically asking for me to rub her belly. I thought I'd post this in case Dani's missing her dog (which she probably is) and to remind her that in two weeks time, she'll see her again (and more importantly, she'll see ME in ten days!)

My view from the top window and this is the snow left over from earlier on this week, although tomorrow it'll be a little bit different as it's been snowing for ages the last few hours which I have a picture of as well (see next couple of pics)

This was today in C&A as I'd gone shopping the same day as my best friend (thus, running in to her mum for the second day running whilst shopping haha) and we were in C&A trying on those funny headbands for a laugh.

Yeah, C&A again and this time, me trying on a silly hat. I think I prefer my beret to this one :P

And yet another snow picture, except here this is it snowing about an hour ago and look at all the pretty snow flakes the flash caught! Hopefully it'll snow a bit more during the night, I adore snow :) Although I don't want it to snow so much that I can't go to school on Monday.

..Wait, WHAT?! She wants to actually go to school?!

Not school in general, but Monday is going to be fun as it's Kleeschen (or St Nicholas Day, as the Belgians and Dutch call it) and in our school, the 1es (who are in their last year - the numbering system goes from 7e, the first year, up to 1e, a bit funny, but I'm used to it) dress up and go around disrupting class. Fun :D


  1. When has it ever snowed so much that school has been cancelled? You don't live in England, hun ;) Love the Mollywobbles pic! Miss her (and you lot) so much! xxxx

  2. Aww looks like you had fun :} Your dog is so cute!! ^^