Friday, 12 November 2010

My Perfect Imperfections Tag

So I saw Beauty Ambitions do this tag, so I decided to do it as well, as I think it's a really fun tag :)

The tag is to list three imperfections about yourself that make you YOU and then list three things you like about yourself. I'm just gonna go ahead and tag all of my 50 followers (thank you so much !!!!:D) because I hate limiting these things.

Things I don't like about myself
-My eyebrows. I have a thing about eyebrows, especially mine, as for years I've hated them for being too bushy and too unibrow like. If I see just the smallest hair between my eyebrows, I'll go nuts, cause I feel the shadow of the hairs growing back combined with my glasses makes it look as if I have a unibrow and I just if I had a unibrow.

-My hair on my upper lip and chin. I have PCOS which basically under other things gives me excessive male hormone, which means excessive body hair, most apparant on my chin and upper lip. I've tried bleaching and waxing strips, hair removal creams and so far the waxing strips were best, but still didn't last long. This really gets me down as I know it's apparant and a lot of people can see it and I've had comments in the past (aged 13, a boy from my class said: hey, you have a moustache! hahahaha) and my self confidence goes down by a mile every time I glance at my chin in the mirror. It also makes me self conscious for pictures as mostly I only like pictures taken at a higher angle as you can't see the hair. Added to this is my sister always saying I have perfect skin when I know I don't because this hair is in the way.

-My hair. Frizzball BIG TIME. I love my curls, I really do but I just wish I could have some nice hair without the frizz. I feel that whatever hair product I try so far, nothing makes the frizz go away, which upsets me as I'm surrounded by girls with perfect hair (straightish wavy, non frizzy and long. The Luxembourgers just have it all, don't they?). I have read that Tigi does great anti frizz products but being a student, not really in my budget.

All my imperfections are hair related, funny eh?

Things I like about myself

-My smile. ok, sometimes I have weird smiles in picture but mostly it's not bad. I loved my smile back when I was little and I think I might still have it, as the above pictures show :P But anyway I just love smiling so yeah that is one thing I do like about myself

-My hips. Wait, what?! Someone actually LIKES their hips?!!!! So I don't like my tummy, but I'm pretty content with my hips. They're a bit big but not too big and I like the way they make my body shape look :)

-My cheeks. Yeah they're chipmunk cheeks (apparantly cheekbones, yet I just see cheekbones :P) but yeah they give me the young factor as sometimes I'd just like to look my age as well instead of a little older so smiling and getting the chipmunk cheeks works :)

So I hope you all liked this, I thought it fun and hope you all do it :) If you do, do comment and tell me!xxxxxxxxx


  1. I love your eyebrows, the way you style them and how dark they are :) They always frame your eyes beautifully and arch in such a dramatic way - very Marilyn-esque! I have no skills whatsoever in the eyebrow shaping department so hats off to you! Also you're just generally gorgeous :)

    Stephie xxx

  2. I agree with Stephie, I love your eyebrows! I love nasty eyebrows they are thick but they aren't as dark and dramatic as yours!!

    Great post!!


  3. Your cheekbones are stunning. It's pretty rare to see people with nice cheekbones, so you're very lucky =)

  4. Great post...saw this tag on youtube.
    I love your brows...I like a fuller brow (although mine are now excessively thin...grr)
    I also have PCOS but have been lucky not to get the darker hair side effect.
    I was sure you were going to say your lips for the things you love about yourself...I wish I had big lips!

  5. Ooooh, awesome post!! Know whats odd? when I first saw your picture my first thought was that I'd kill for your eyebrows! Mine are really light and barely noticable which really sucks cos I always have to use a brow liner or powder!

    I'd definitely agree with the smile and cheeks - they give your face a really cute softness. Makes me a tad jealous cos I wear braces so I never actually smile properly. Totally cant wait till I get them off!! :)

  6. I think your gorgeous! I would love top have big dark eyebrows! Mine are pretty light and naturallly thin which means I have to use eyebrown pencils! Urggh annoying! xxx

  7. @Stephie thank you :) lol it took a loooot of guesswork and mishaps - I didn't see you when I came over to england in april did I? cause whilst I was over there, I had massively overplucked one of my brows, it looked awful! aww thankoo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    @liquoredonlacquer, thanks :) haha I really used to hate my brows but I think i like em now :) xx
    @London's-beauty, thank you :) xx
    @alicia, thank you :) ah but having thin eyebrows means you can do so much more with them and fill em in and have them look REALLY neat, I just have crazy brows sometimes. yeah the hair side effect is awful :( makes me feel like sh*t sometimes.ooh i suppose I don't mind my lips but then again i feel the hair sort of frames them and makes em look all yucky xxxx
    @Joy haha that is funny but thank you :) As I said to Alicia, I wouldn't mind having light brows cause you have a lot more options with them, I mean I have to really watch out when I use a brow pencil as too much makes me look like a tranny! thank you, I sort of like looking a bit younger sometimes :) aw, well at least one pro to the braces will be that when you get them taken off, your teeth will be in better shape than mine! xxxx
    @Fern, thank you :) i still use eyebrow pencils but yeah I could see how that could be frustrating ( but at least yours don't have the risk of being TOO thick :P) xxx

  8. i love your eyebrows and you have great cheek bones :)