Sunday, 28 November 2010

Blog Makeover!

Please excuse the pun, I just couldn't resist.

Anyway, I've completely overhauled my blog as I was tired of the previous layout and the incredibly dull header. So with my incredibly rusty Photoshop skills, I edited the background by making a vector out of a Barry M lipstick and then for the header, I hunted down some wonderful brushes (view the credits gadget on the left sidebar if you're interested where I got them from ) and then followed Kevin and Amanda's tutorial for customizing fonts, although I went and used an old favourite, Violation. I'd love to hear all your thoughts about the layout and whether you like and as a final note, I'm going to ask that you ignore the little glitch where the header blocks the lipstick at first glance until you scroll down.


  1. Nice job! I wish that I had photoshop, I'd definitely use it to make my blog look better!

  2. Looooove it :D Shall email you pics I have in mind for mine when I get my laptop back! xxxxx

  3. Looks fantastic! not too OTT and it stands out from all the other blogs I've come across. As you can probably tell from the extremely plain layout on my blog I dont really know much about web design! :)

  4. @Jennifer thanks :) Yeah having photoshop does help :P xx
    @Dani taaaa :D xxxxxxxxxx
    @Joy thank you :) i wante to sort of have that white background like a lot of other bloggers, but make it a bit more unique so I added the lipstick :) haha I don't know that much either, I used to make layouts for freewebs/quizilla homepages but that was simple stuff and I've forgotten most of the CSS/HTML stuff now :P xxx