Sunday, 28 November 2010

Clubbing in Tokyo FOTD

I know, I know, I should have posted (and done the look) ages ago, but I forgot about it for a couple of days...eventually leading to forgetting about it for several weeks, I'm really sorry!

In a way I wasn't looking forward to doing this FOTD as I'd tried using the palette [review and swatches here] and although it looks pigmented when swatched, it's incredibly difficult to get decent payoff on your eyes.

yeah...stupid non smiley facial expression but yesterday was just a meh day in general.

So here you can see the eye colours a little bit more and well..they look okay like this but if I shut my eyes...

WITH UDPP, they look like they're creasing a bit already and as well, they're all so sheer! You would think I'd only used the light colours, but I actually used loads of the darker ones as well.
The blusher didn't really show up on my skintone either, and I'm not that keen on the lipglosses, so I might give this palette a bit of a miss...

So that's all for the Sephora palette and a little note that my giveaway ends in a few hours! But I won't be able to announce the winner as soon as possible as I have school and everything and could be a little tricky getting on the pic as I've got a lot lined up this week (maybe even going to see Elton John live!) but I will try and then also send the prize out as soon as I possible can!


  1. Gosh, i love the combination between pink and green. You look great :)
    I am curious with what you wear to combine those eyeshadow :)

  2. hello :) i'm your new follower of yours! thanks for following my blog all the way from Luxembourg!

  3. I think this looks absolutely stunning! There might not be much pay off with the eye shadow but it looks totally gorgeous on - the perfect amount of shimmer and colour to make your eyes look beautiful and really wide :)

    Oh and that lip colour is amazing! I would NEVER be able to pull that off because my lips are so small and thin but it looks superb on you (Yep, I am a teensy bit jealous :p) ♥

  4. super pretty. I love the eyes. I think the non pigmented shadows worked well in this case.

  5. very good blog !
    follow me and write a comment if you want :)

  6. @liz thanks :) haha my clothing style is a little ecletic and clashing so I just wear my usual clothes which sometimes clash with the makeup but I don't mind (care :P) x
    @ jennifer, no prob :) x
    @Sharon, thank you :) x
    @Joy thank you :) yeah, I suppose sheer doesn't always have to be bad, sometimes less is more, right? :) thanks :) aww don't be jealous, thin lips are nice too (you don't run the risk of looking like you've had OTT botox when your lips are swollen -> not nice) xxx
    @Jazzy E, thank you :) x
    @Alicia, thanks :) yeah I think I agree with you (despite not being incredibly keen at the beginning) xxx