Sunday, 7 November 2010

Beret FOTD

So yesterday I finally escaped my house (being stuck at home due to a combination of depressing weather and far too much homework) and my best friend and I went to our local *cough thirty minutes by bus far away* shopping center to go shopping.

We left at ten past 5 and it was already getting dark and by the time we got there, it was dark which was definitely weird to me, yet sort of made it more fun as I just LOVE shopping at night time (ok, this time evening. But when I was visiting my grandparents i nengland in April, we went shopping in Tesco's at 10 pm. IT WAS SO COOL!:P ok...geek naty is leaving now)

So on to makeup, I decided to use my sistah as inspiration and did my usual liner but with gold eyeshadow to spruce it up :) Of course, when I say gold eyeshadow, I mean Urban Decay's Half-Baked as that is the best gold eyeshadow I have.

-Urban Decay Primer Potion (original)
-Urban Decay Half Baked
-Sleek Gel Liner
-Rimmel Glam Eyes Lash Flirt mascara
-Maybelline Collossal Volume mascara
-Benefit Brow Zings in Medium
-Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Brown Black

-L'Oreal True Match Minerals in Golden Ivory
-Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Transparent
-N.Y.C. Colour Wheel in Mocha Glow
-MeMeMe Poppy Tint

-MUA Lipstick in shade 11

Wow, for once I remembered every product that I used yesterday! It's not often that I write a list of what I used but if you prefer it, let me know in the comments :) I'd also like to add that I ADORE the small of the MUA lipstick, it just smells lovely and it's so creamy!

I also used this excursion as an opportunity to wear my new red beret from H*M which I LOVE as well. I really hope I can hang on to this hat as the last two hats that I've had have both been carelessly left on the bus/school and therefore, have vanished :(

It was relatively simple, without proper blending and stuff, but I felt it didn't need anything extra :)

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  1. your makeup is beautifully done =) i loveee shopping at night time too. the lights and everything is so lovely ^^

  2. You look so lovely! And that beret looks great too :)

  3. you look really pretty, I love that lipstick color!

  4. I like this look!

    I must say, that beret is beautiful! :)

  5. this is a beautiful look! I adore anything metallic at the minute so anything gold or silver really appeals to me which is why I absolutely love your eyeshadow. Oh and nice hat - Lovely colour :)

  6. Very pretty as always. I'm wearing half baked as well today, have to love half baked by urban decay! By the way, I may have to steal your beret... xxx

    Steph at

  7. half baked looks amazing on you! It doesn't look good on me :(

  8. Beatuiful, what perfect eyebrows you have too. x

  9. @London's-Beauty, thank you :) yes, it's great and it makes me think of winter (duh cause it is winter :P) and i love winter cause I just love christmas :D xx
    @Katie, thank you :) xx
    @Jennifer, thank you :)When I originally bought it, I thought it'd be a my lips but better colour, but turns out it's a little brighter :P xx
    @Toni Tralala, thank you :) yeah I love it :) thank god for h&m eh?xx
    @All Made Up, thank you :) yeah there is a certain je ne sais quoi about metallic golds and silvers :) xx
    @Stephie thankoo! Half baked is love :D and oh no you will NOT steal my beret :P if you love it so much, shall get you one for xmas then :) yes? xxxxxx
    @Beauty Addict, thank you but now that, I don't believe! I'm sure it looks lovely on you, your eyes are stunning :) xxx
    @Hannah, thank you! That means a lot to me because my eyebrows are my not sure about thing so compliments bout them make me especially happy :) xx