Saturday, 4 June 2011

ABCs of me!

I've seen this tag on quite a few blogs, most recently Liloo's and as she tagged all her readers, I decided to do it as well!

Age: 16. In 10 days, this shall no longer be valid.

Bed size: I have no idea of the size, I think it's a small double bed as two people can fit in it, they just can't roll around. It's very comfy though, which is the main thing I care about.

Chore you hate: Doing my room. It's a monumental task and takes ages, because I've inherited some OCD type gene from my mum and so I need to do it in an orderly fashion, bit by bit.

Day: Saturday. This means half term is nearly over *sob*

Essential start to your day: Dry-shampooing my hair. It helps give my hair life/not look so bed heady in the morning.

Favourite colour: I like all colours, but I adore pink. And my room would prove that.

Gold or Silver: Gold, it's a warm colour and I was freaking awesome at Pokemon Gold.

Height: 5 foot 6, I think. Haven't a clue if I'm honest, and I am certain the school doctor lied to me concerning my height, as I am taller than one of my friends, which wasn't the case with them.

Instruments: I play the piano.

Job title: Student, seeking a summer job (and waiting for acceptance/rejection letters)

Kids: I dislike the noisy kids you encounter everywhere (especially in Primark - WHY take your kids there?!!!), but I would like some when I'm older.

Live: An average village in Luxembourg which is close enough to civilisation.

Mum’s name: Nicola, but she is more often called Nicki, as Luxembourgers do not know that Nicola (as that is how they pronounce Nicholas) is a female name.

Nicknames: Nat, Naty, Tally, Tillymint, Natapat, Nat-pattat (very stupid nickname given by my best friend and her siblings and my brother.)

Overnight hospital stays: I don't think so

Pet peeve: So many things! A more appropriate question would be what isn't one. I'll just go for people who walk slowly.When you can't overtake.

Quote from a movie: Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!

Right or left handed: Right.

Siblings: Two older sisters and one younger brother.

Time you wake up: On schooldays, 6am, otherwise anything ranging from 9-11.

Underwear: Various bright stuff with cartoon animals on them, very childlike, I know!

Vegetables you dislike: Too many, but mainly salad.

What makes you run late: Waiting for my best friend!

X-Rays you’ve had: Throat to check my thyroid, I think.

Yummy food you make: Schnitzel!

Zoo: The only zoo I've really gone to is the Amneville one in France.

That's all for now! Naturally, I tag all my readers as I am too lazy to do otherwise at the moment and I have a stupid project I ought to start on, sigh! But watch this space, I have something exciting I want to post about from my England trip!

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  1. mid-june birthday are the best :p only two more days to go than you :p x