Sunday, 12 June 2011


Yes, I FINALLY own it. The highly revered Naked palette by Urban Decay.

Last week when I was on the ferry from Calais to Dover, I saw this in the shop there. I didn't buy it cause I thought that it might not be that much cheaper than in the UK itself so I abstained. On my way back after confirming it costs £32 in England, I bought it on the ferry for £26.50. Not especially bargain but for me, every pound counts. So if you're going on the ferry for whatever reason and don't own it, I would suggest buying it there, as you'll save a fiver, which all in all, isn't that bad, is it?

I was practically skipping back to my seat with excitement (which was difficult as the boat was quite rocky and that my best friend and I had just had a tiny spat over me being so bossy and impatient when I'm stressed). I must admit, the plastic is really annoying, as it looks so untidy and I wanted it to look perfect, but details, details.

sorry for the sudden change in colour, I didn't quite have the right white balance for these!
The palette comes with a Primer Potion, which is great cause I was needing an original primer potion, sometimes Eden doesn't work that well with some colours.

I won't really go into much detail about the palette as you've all surely seen it a thousand times, all I will say is that I adore it and it's the only thing I've been using lately. I might consider doing a comparison post with Too Faced's Natural Eye palette, but I'll see if there are enough similarities to do so.

But I AM going to post swatches, as I've seen so many posts saying 'You've already seen enough swatches so I won't bother.' Well I like swatches and wanted to swatch the shadows anyway, so I thought 'Why not?!'

Without primer, naturally. God, aren't they pigmented? Of course, there a few, such as Virgin and Naked, that were tricky to get to show up (also on my eye, I find), but I suppose you need to work a bit at them, and it's always the mattes that aren't so pigmented!

Anyway, I'ma be a little busy these next few days as it's my birthday on Tuesday, and naturally, I shall be celebrating. xxxx


  1. i neeeed one of these in my life! the pigmentation looks amazing! and the packaging is gorgeous, :) you're so lucky you got it for cheap!


  2. Lucky you! Boats suck... I like to buy pretty things on boats :)

  3. your so lucky, I so want this palette. The pigmentaion is great xxx

  4. I need one!!! Wonder if I can sneak onto a ferry... xxx

  5. really like your Blog! (: